Double Running uppercut

How do you perform this movement with precision? Because I can get it =/

Good timing, muscle memory, and lots of practice. At least my experience just recently started getting consistent with it.

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And which is the command to perform it correctly?

I don’t know it off the top of my head I just know my control pad, lol. I think its back forward heavy punch. Check the command list in options.

Wouldn’t it be:
[Back forward (any kick) (either heavy)] x2

Edit: you may have to use a specific kick in s3 as they will have different run speeds so you might overshoot your opponent and miss.

If you are wanting to double uppercut you have to understand input buffers. Basically you are queuing moves before your character acts them out.

So what you practice really quick is b,f hk and a second b,f hk before wulf completes the first one. Takes a while to get used to buffering moves when you aren’t used to it

Just like when someone jumps in at wulf you can cr. hk b,f hk d,u eclipse. This stuffs the jump in, juggles them with hk and eclipse. The faster you are at buffering inputs the more juggles you can pull off granted you have kv metre.

Careful using the same move repeatedly like double uppercut as its easier to break.


Ooh…so that’s how that works. Talk about lightening fast reflexes. :smiley:

yesterday I spend more time in the lab trying to get some juggles with instinct. and I could finally buffer the double running uppercut. I have less problem buffering anything else (also a lot of unintentional shadow inputs because of buffering while performing cancel stuff during instinct). As you said it’s all practice, my main prob is the timing when doing b-f + HK, sometimes HK alone will come out and not the second ru. However it does not happen when I perform the other commands (the one that hits low and the overhead).

Personally all that is more flare than anything . most matches won’t be determined if you were able to complete 2x uppercuts. There are other juggle combination available. Plus the more you repeat the same strength move the easier it is to break. A better juggle might be one that involves some normals or specials that don’t lock you in to 1 strenght.

Plus the entire juggle system is being overhauled come s3. Ragged edge is now a ground bounce and you have flip out added

Indeed, I’ve been reading about it. And it’s true is easily breakeable, but it looks nice. I just wanted to get more control with it and work in my juggles.

I’m not very good with wulf but I took a look in the lab and I don’t think that it’s possible to hit a grounded opponent with double uppercut with one exception. If you use a normal and cancel into the second uppercut.

So running uppercut, any normal, running uppercut is fairly easy.

Or as an anti air you can do 2 in a row.
Or also after launcher ender you can do 2 in a row.

If it’s easily breakable then you could probably use it to bait counterbreakers.

I wonder how many Running Uppercuts we’ll be able to do with Season 3’s enhanced juggles…