Dossier drop rate

Does anyone gain them fairly frequently? Or is it a rare occurrence for you guys?

I get them somewhat frequently, way more than in the beta.

I haven’t noticed a difference in drop rate yet; but there are a lot more now.
I do wish they would a t least unlock in order, or be guaranteed to unlock in related quest missions.
(I beat the cult of Gargos, why don’t I know who they are yet? I have only 1 of their several dossiers)

I have not noticed a drop rate change either. I got some during the beta, and some now. I am starting to think that the dossiers are tied to certain characters, meaning to fight “x” character with “z” character and it unlocks. I say this because I have fought 50 Riptor’s and unlocked 10/12. I have fought 48 Thunders and have 2/12. One of Orchid’s unlocked after I beat her with Shadow Jago. And when I read it, then I understood why that one unlocked.

The only way to figure this out “other than IG tells us” is to find out who has unlocked what and who they use to fight with, or if they pick 3 different characters for each playthough.

I do think I just figured one thing out. If you get a resurrection scroll, then that would have been a dossier, but you already have it. I just repeated 2 missions that I know gave me a dossier, and both times I got a scroll this time around.

They’ve really dried up for me around the 70% archive completition mark. I’m now getting just one from a play through if I’m lucky.

70% NICE. Did you use the same 3 team members, or did you pick 3 different ones each time?

This so much. It is kind of annoying to unlock the 6th of a 7 dossier series, and just be lost as to how the story goes. I would love to just read and learn as I go. That being said, I guess it does motivate you somewhat to just keep going to unlock everything.

For the first few playthroughs I was using my best 3 characters but I noticed I was hardly unlocking any dossiers for those particular characters. So ever since I’ve been mixing up my team over several playthroughs and still have certain fighters with hardly any content unlocked and others at 100%. No idea what the criteria is for unlocking character documents.

Let me guess. The ones at 100% are the 3 guests, Omen, and Gargos. I only have 2 dossiers for Jago and Thunder.