Dojo stage 19 not functional

So as a fresh start into my franchise, i would hope that everything woks as planned, and most of it did. There problem comes down to stage 19 in the dojo. When it comes to the Heavy laser sword to heavy punch manual, I complete it successfully without it being registered. I do know that I am doing heavy manuals as later i tested it out in the practice arena and saw successful H manuals. Now, because it’s a new release on steam i’m going to assume that it’s either client-side or just something on steam. If anything, my guess is client-side. Do forgive me if I have posted this into the wrong category, I was quick to make sure i said something before I forgot.

awkward moment i stuck at same dojo stage too cant do manual combo literally. also i stuck a lot shadow ender stage too always too early for shadow wind kick :smiley:

Strange, I finished all of them without trouble. It’s all about inputs and correct timing

just for the clarification are you saying that for steam version ? because this sub-forum steam version of the game.

Yep, The steam version, I completed the whole dojo tutorial. it took a while but it is possible to complete.

btw even bass tried many time i just cant calculate to timing.(you can click the video you will go to exactly stage 19)

Well manuals were a bit tricky at first but you will get the hang of them. it is about timing. Just keep trying, :slight_smile:

im trying to focus animations but it doesnt help at all there is recovery time ofc.

Use a Heavy Linker, it gives you the largest window for a manual. Use a light manual, it has the shortest startup and will be easiest to land.


Thanks for helping out Keits :slight_smile:

This is on the steam version of KI. I did mention earlier that I went into practice and saw manuals and tried again, but it was hidden behind loads of text.

I’m also going to mention this, when (I think successfully) perform a H manual, it also keeps the check by the H laser sword until after the combo breaks. I don’t know, I’ll keep trying.

yeah i already know you have steam version of KI we are in sub-forum. also i pass the dojo with rage spamming dunno how its happend.

lol, were it so easy.

I finally passed it, and jeez the H manuals have extremely strict timing. Anybody stuck on this dojo lesson, my advice is to keep trying, and coming back to it if you get seriously angry.