Dojo Mode Expanded?

Who wants Dojo mode to be expande? New missions. Go over the Combo Assist and discuss the Pros and Cons. Recaptures. Maybe a mission going over some stuff with a certain character like Combo Traits. No Dojo mode for each character though. Reteaching things already in the given dojo but for a different character is pointless. Go over a few specialls,combo traits,and some tips in one character mission. If needed,2 missions(3 at max) for each character could be included. This can be used to teach confusing combo traits and stuff. Dojo mode feels a bit outdated with all the new features like Recaptures(and potentially stagger)


I finally got through the entire dojo yesterday. Now that I have to redo all the lessons again for the community guide, I hope they add a different mode for character specific lessons. The dojo itself is fine as is, and I think separating the dojo from character specific abilities and traits would be less confusing for a new player.

In Guilty Gear Xrd, they have a mode called Challenge Mode. This mode let’s you select what character you’d like to learn about and teaches you combos specific to that character.

Obviously, doing combos in KI is really easy comparatively, so teaching you about the Normals, specials, shadow moves, enders and combo traits would be better here.

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Also, (Im not sure if anyone else had this problem, but…) There are a few dojo missions where timing is very critical, but they dont tell you that. So even when you get every move correct, some moves might whiff, or be completely unable to be performed. This caused me to have lots of moments when i was like: “WTF? i hit EVERYTHING correctly AS FAST AS I COULD and STILL i didnt get it right.”

A message that says: “This combo is timing critical, so dont always rely on buffering moves” would be nice.

This is exactly why I’m taking so long to finish writing this guide. How do I convey critical timing? Say, “good luck”? The problem is, that it’s not a full second delay. It’s still a split second to execute the move. Instead of it being .3 or .4 seconds it’s like .7 or .8. It’s just something you have to see or feel to get the timing just right.

Another problem I had in the last lesson, was that some of the combos didn’t feel doable without instinct canceling, even though it didn’t mention that I should or could to complete the combo.

You can get through doing ONLY what it says, but juggle timing and ‘early hits’ are up to you to figure out.

I know. I may have glossed over this, but I’ve been going over every lesson 10-20 times to find the optimal way to complete every one of them. Instinct cancelling makes a lot of the juggle combos easy to complete. It freezes the screen, and allows you to see when you can hit fHK (for example).

I wish hitboxes, framedata interpretation, etc. would be explained a bit more with one or two more lessons in dojo mode. It’s all there, I think, but I stilI get confused on what boxes to focus sometimes in training mode, what the damage output details are telling me, etc…

Not really an expansion but more like a few small wishes.

Dojo mode needs to be overhauled in general especially with the PC port coming which will bring in tons of new players. Having them learn a bunch of Season 1 stuff that doesn’t pertain to the current game at all is a really bad idea.

Have you done a video on this subject? I’d like to hear your concerns moving forward with the dojo.

I am aware that this is both a suggestion and a query about the community guide (sort of at least). However, I’ll see if I can answer your question here anyway and we can discuss it over on the appropriate thread if needs be.

If you want to convey timing (give maybe a rough estimate of how long you think the time window is, or just write that the combos are timing critical - keep trying and you’ll get it eventually). I did a similar thing when writing out the tutorial for MKX and when I looked back through my notes I was les frustrated as I knew that what I was doing had strict, if hard to figure out, timing windows. I could always record the lesson myself and put it as a link to the video within the guide saying - “this is what the combo should look like” or similar.

On topic, I agree that having lessons about characters abilities, normals, options in certain scenarios etc would be useful - even if it’s just to improve a player’s understanding of a character - people are kind of correct when they say that there are a lot of Jago players online - I see quite a few whenever I play myself, which at times can really annoy me as they use things that I physically can’t seem to punish… But that’s a rant for a different post, if at all.

Just getting players to play more characters before they choose a main would make a big difference to people’s enjoyment of the game.

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