Dojo Lesson 30

Hi all,

I’m getting close to completing the Dojo, however I’m currently stuck on Lesson 30. The part where you need to do a Crouching Heavy Punch, followed by a Light Dragon Punch and then a Heavy Dragon Punch.

I can do a Light into Heavy Dragon Punch, but for some reason, I can’t do a Light Dragon Punch after a Crouching Heavy Punch; the DP just doesn’t want to come out for some reason.

Can someone clarify the timing that you’re supposed to input the DP motion? Do you need to wait until standing again to do it, or can you cancel from the crouch; as the latter doesn’t seem to be working, and the former doesn’t seem to grant enough time (unless it’s a very tight window and I just keep missing it).


I’ll take a look on that and get back to you.


For that particular part of the challenge, you will want to do the crouching heavy punch and cancel into light dragon punch, the crouching heavy can be special canceled.

You’ll kind of need to also pay attention to when the Jago dummy jumps in at you too. It’s not a super hard timing to get down, but you may want to pay attention.

If you do it right, you’ll do the crouching heavy punch, cancel that into the light dragon punch, and he will have juggled him long enough to be able to do one last heavy dragon punch.

If you have trouble getting the crouching heavy punch cancel into light dragon punch, try practice mode and work on your button presses and execution on a still target, and once you feel like you got the timing down, come back to the trial.

For reference, this is VesperArcade, an execution expert player who shows you a lot in his tutorial vids. This vid starts at what I believe is the very trial you’re having trouble completing. Keep in mind, the UI looks different because the version of the game he is playing is much older:

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Thanks, I am indeed having trouble canceling into the Light Dragon Punch. Going into Practice is likely what I’ll need to do to get that timing down, and oddly, I didn’t think of that!

I’ve also watched some of Vesper’s videos for these Tutorials when stuck before, and they’ve been helpful. For this one (Trial 30), I still wasn’t able to work out the timing by watching.

Yeah, it’s a cancel.

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