Dog person or cat person?

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  • Cat person
  • Both

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Personally do you prefer cats or dogs? Or do you like/enjoy BOTH cats and dogs equally? Overall are you (more of) a cat person or a dog person? Or are you equally BOTH a cat and dog person?

As for me here, I enjoy BOTH cats and dogs equally. Overall in my case, I am BOTH equally a cat and dog person :smile:

Well I am a big animal person in general so I love both but for the longest time I had never really had any experience with cats mainly just dogs but like a year or 2 ago my lil sister got two kittens so I get to see them a lot when I visit and they are adorable haha

So I like both equally but ill probably stick to dogs unless some homeless cat wanders near my place and needs to be taken care of/rescued. Dogs seem a bit easier, with cats you have to a a litterbox in your house which can get messy and smelly, plus they climb up on everything and knock sh** over a lot. My sis’s cats just scoot things off high things, they have shattered snowglobes, broken decorations, knocked over and broke my father’s $200 vaping thing etc…and don’t even get me started on when they put the Xmas tree up, it’s like that scene from the Grinch where he slithers up the tree picking off all the bulbs :joy:

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I generally like animals more then people so…I’m going both.

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I have 2 dogs and 3 cats

Danko and Iris
Kali, Popete and Sadira

Yes, Sadira. She is white, with black fur resembling a hood in her head, and doesn’t run: jumps fast xD

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I’ve had both dogs and cats as I grew up. I personally have no pets, but I like both. If I had to choose, I would rather have a cat than a dog. Though I love dogs as well. ^^

I dont like cats…ironically I have a cat. Lol but I have 2 dogs.

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