Does this video make you want to change?(warning Disturbing)

This video is very disturbing. It is about a Korean girl’s story, with paintings of what she saw.
Don’t feel like having nightmares, don’t watch, but it has me re-thinking a lot of things that I do.

Wow, it’s very disgusting! This video about who don’t believe in God and Jesus. That’s why Korean girl want to say about this before too late. : /

Preachers…oh please what a load of bogus…seriously, you don’t believe this stuff do you?

This is just a bunch of crap.

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Why are you so certain it’s bogus?

I’ve e seen far worse.

You mean to tell me out of ALLLLLLL the other…things involving religious beliefs and the like…THIS one makes the most sense? Come on…There is not one human being alive that doesn’t lie, complain, think negative “sinful” thoughts. Like gimme a break…

The idea of Heaven and Hell can be traced back to the Sumerian creation story of the Anu, the Atra-Hasis and Epic of Gilgamesh also mention it. I’ve not seen one religious video or been told an explanation that would make me believe in the christian version of god

Good thing I’m a Christian already. Yeesh… :confused:

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You are Christian?! I’m Christian too!



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Hey! I have “All dogs go to heaven” VHS! That movie always make me cry… D:

I like it, well except for the alligator…

I’m not christian (in religious terms) but I do trust christ.

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The urantia book says that there is no hell, as god’s love is so perfect and eternal that he does not allow such place or circumstance to exist.

What about this:

Or this playlist:

It’s your choose. But I’m surprised there few Christian as KI fans in forum! : D

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The problem with the christian version of god is more in regards to how he is presented. In one sentence he is described as warm and loving who understands our sin and forgives us. In the next he’s killing innocent babies for no reason other than he can.

Some texts describe him as loving, others as fallible and some even say he’s wicked and evil. The person they are describing is not one but many gods, which adds more credibility to the theory that the bible was based on earlier works such as the Atra Hasis.

In the Sumerian creation story for instance, Enlil is the god who keeps humans in the Eden (plains, garden of the gods) and tells them not to eat from the “tree of life”

The great flood another bible story was already cuneiform thousands of years before the arrival of Jesus.

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That would be yahweh, which is a symbol that represents the nefilim.

Enlil is satan and enki is caligastia aka the devil. Kirt talks about this in many of his videos using the bible, the sumerian texts and other works.

The flood did happen but not world wide, only in the valley in which noah lived and he did make an ark. However, he did not talk to god, he was in communication with the fallen ones. And the purpose of the flood was to kill the faithful sons of god who did not rebel with lucifer.