Does the Game have an Arcade Ladder Mode?

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I had read that originally, Shadow Jago could be fought by doing something special in Arcade Ladder mode, where he’d replace Fulgore as the final boss. The interesting thing is, I can not find an Arcade Ladder mode?

Am I blind? I found Shadow Lords, the two Seasons of Rivals, Survival, and Player vs CPU, but I can’t find Arcade Ladder.

It’s called Story mode now. KI has had a strange time evolving over the seasons. Season one they just made a straight up arcade ladder. S2 it got rebranded as Story mode and instead of like S1’s “what if thos guy won” scenarios they just made a single cohesive narrative, and you just see each of the season 2 characrers’ part of that story.
They didn’t add anything else past season 2. Shadow Lords is essentially season 3’s story mode.

Other than that the closest thing they got to a typical ladder is survival.

…oh, and Shadow Jago…secret boss if you perform really well on the ladder with a season one character. You fight him instead of Fulgore for the final fight if you earn the right.

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So to clarify, there was a classic Arcade Ladder, but it was removed, or is Story Mode, Season 1 Rivals still set up that way for the Season 1 characters?

There was a dedicated Arcade, but I believe it was only for Season 1 during the DH period. Since then, Rivals applies to both Season 1 and 2 and acts as a traditional Arcade. Shadow Lords acts as the Season 3 story, but it’s not in the form of an Arcade ladder.

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I take it “DH” stands for “Double-Helix?”

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Well…they kinda had an arcade ladder. I wouldn’t even consider it a true arcade ladder, because there never was a true final boss. You just fight all the other characters in season 1 and you get an ending. I mean there is Shago, but he was meant more as a hidden fight akin to Super Turbo Akuma. Season 2 didn’t really have a final boss either. Aria was supposed to be the “boss”, but really she never was, not in the final overpowered challenge sense that other fg boss characters like Shao Kahn, M. Bison, or even KI1 Eyedol are. Some characters never even cross paths with her in their story. We didn’t get what I would consider a true final boss until the Shadow Lords version of Gargos.

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This. Season 1’s “arcade mode” is still there, 100% intact, under the story mode option.

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Okay. So it’s Season 1 Rivals then, and you can still fight Shadow Jago in it? His stage is now unlocked for everyone though by default, correct?


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