Does not being Killer limit my Lobby/Exhibition match ups?

Hi guys - I’m currently top of gold - I think my skill level is about there - vs. golds I usually win, vs silvers/bronzes I nearly always win, vs killers I lose more than half the time.

At the moment I feel my rank reflects how I see my skill level (high gold) - but by not going into killer rank am I limiting my lobby/exhibition matches?

Do people in killer tend to only search for exhibition matches with killers? Do people tend to kick people out of lobbies if they see they are only gold?

It wouldn’t be hard for me to level up to Killer - though I expect I would then stay near the bottom of the killer rank.

Should I rank up?

Surely there are Killers who only look for other Killers, without caring about the rest

But also surely there are other people who avoids killers.

Lobbies are weird. People kicks you without apparent reason.

My suggestion: Try this thread:

Endless opponents and friendly behavior

thanks, will ask people in that thread for games.

Just logged on to play some ranked - first killer I get paired against quits after char select - gives me win to put me at promotion level.

Next paired against a Killer jago for my promotion game - he just beats me 1st round, 2nd round I am beating him handily, he starts lagging hard then drops. A very non climactic way to hit Killer. =/