Does KI have the worst behaving pros?

From what I understand, there are certain pros in the KI scene who are not very professional. Over the last 2 years or so, there has been drama originating from groups like these and it has made me wonder “is this why KI has small entry slots at every EVO?”

I know that there are pros who are positive and support KI but apparently it’s not enough, otherwise KI wouldn’t have to be decided via donations. Hear me out, I’m just upset that KI might not make it to EVO (sure hope it does) but even more upset that it seems as if KI has the worst pro scene in the entire FGC, hence why KI has had low entry numbers.

We got guys/girls who, from what I’ve seen over the last 2 years, bully and humiliate other players and complain too much about nerfs and buffs rather than adjusting. It’s a shame that such a great game like KI is represented by such people. Nothing against anyone in particular, just my 2 cents about why I think KI shouldn’t have to be decided by votes/donations to be at EVO.


KI is a great game. It has its flaws, which is normal, but the negativity around the game is absolutely unecessary. Such negativity can break a community, but only if we let it. I wonder which steps we, as a community, will take if we don’t make it to EVO.

We, the community, must take responsibility about making the game more visible and attractive. These “pros”, that only complain, shouldn’t get attention from the rest of us. They don’t have enough curiosity to explore the opportunities the game has to offer. I entered into the world of KI when it was launched on PC. I am a terrible gambler, but I bet there was already a great amount of complaints about KI. But when I started playing, it was awesome. Such beautiful graphics, interesting mechanics, badass characters… I did an excelent acquisition. I have fun every time I play KI.

I don’t have so much time to play the game as the pro players have, but I want KI to be the best it can. I lack some the means to do it more actively ( streaming, for example ), but I do my part, to best of my capacity, to explore the game, research it, trying to discover new techs, or giving constructive thoughts about the game.

KI is more than an IP from MS, it’s more than a game in the competent care of the Iron Galaxy. It’s our game. It’s a star in the glorious constellation of the fighting games. Let’s make it the brightest one.


I agree 100% : )

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Keits even mentions the players talking down on one another since season 1. Paraphrasing He says it bothers him and that he wishes they would stop doing this and help one another and lift up new players instead of tearing them down. I totally agree and I see this sort of mentality almost every day while playing online. Just today I got messages that said “scrub” Looser" Ect… All becasue I either beat them ( Pro stars) or come close to beating them. It gets old and Im quite sick of it to be honest.

Some where around the 20 mins mark roughly…


What does scrub mean?

When someone calls you a scrub they are saying you are bad at whatever game you’re playing


No. A lot of competitive KI players have behaved pretty badly in the past 6 months or so, but there are far worse-behaved people to be found in esports, and even in the FGC.

The problem is more that KI is a game that could least afford to put on a load of toxic drama, because it scraped by with one of the smallest communities around an active fighting game in the previous 3 years and it really needed to grow in season 3 to hold onto relevance going into 2017.

I doubt Mr Wizard passed on giving KI a guaranteed place after glancing in on the competitive scene and being put off by the toxicity. It’s probably mostly about numbers: number of entrants, number of viewers, overall perceived weight of the KI community in the FGC at large. The toxicity did the game no favours in the growth department, but it’s not the immediate cause.

I so badly want to call you up on this, but unfortunately people do often use the word “scrub” with that connotation even though that’s not what the word means. Mainly angry, stupid people who want to throw an insult at you that’s tarred with a stigma within the FGC that they don’t understand.

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You need to be quiet and learn your place. Lol

Before people get upset I am just messing around and @FallofSeraphs76 knows this. It is just a bad joke in response to the talking down to players.

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You BULLY! Ehhhnnhhhh! LOLOLOLOL

V V V V V V V V (Tea bagged you!)

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I am so happy you seen it before it got flagged :imp:

What T-bag, I don’t feel anything :laughing: lol

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I agree with you on that

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Just don’t listen drama.


KI doesn’t have the worst behaving pros. Not by a mile.

***I couldn’t find it, but you can dig up the followup interview w/ KBR wherein he explains how he wasn’t affected by FChamp and remained focused on the game. His feelings were mostly “why are you wiling out dude? Chill and play this game” - it is KBR’s mentality that we should all be striving to achieve.

KI does, however, have the most emotional and immature online players. Case in point:

Casual online-only KI player VladKravich gets bodied in one round by Bass, one of the best KI tourney players around. After one quick loss, VladKravich quits playing, but doesn’t disconnect, opting to waste his opponents time instead. When this incident is brought up later, VladKravich accuses the pro-grade offline player of being a hacker, claiming that they are of equal skill should have had a very close game, but Bass must be hacking, despite the obvious-to-viewers gap in skill.

This is because the player in question has an egregiously inflated sense of his own skill, based on a nearly arbitrary in-game rank.

This is not bad behavior of the pro, but of the casual, and is the norm for KI’s casual scene; both absurd and pathetic.

I do think some of our pro’s are better suited to not crying so damn much, five in particular that have lately taken to excessive doomsaying. Our low turnout is actually because we’re on XBox, and every other fighting game is on PS4.


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It wasn’t that long ago. There was something of a minor blowup about it, got around to Twitter and shxt. It was dumb and shameful, but some don’t have the sense to be ashamed.

Point is, some of our pro’s are douches. Our casuals are hella worse, and in WAAAAYYYY greater numbers.

Regardless, player behavior has absolutely nothing to with the KI being mainstage at EVO or not. If it did, Melee wouldn’t be there, SF4 wouldn’t have been there, Marvel wouldn’t have been there, and so on .

Absolute nonsense.

What seems odd about keits is that he said he would want to them to stop, but at the same time he supports tbagging. Doesn’t make sense.

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Could it be that KI has low entry slots because of it’s exclusivity?


I am pretty convinced of this, actually. I think at first, it’s XB1 exclusivity wasn’t too big a deal, but last year kind of shook up the fighting game world as everything migrated to PS4 for last years EVO, and the PC port didn’t drop until this year.

FGC has historically been pretty understanding and accepting of “bad behavior” - it’s the influx of players new to the genre, and not familiar w/ fighting game culture that sneer at the “bad behavior”. I use bunny quotes because at the end of the day, we’re all still friends. We get upset, we teabag eachother, whatever. It’s more rare for FGC to take this sort of thing to heart than to shrug it off and shake hands when next we meet, y’know?


Here’s something interesting:

[quote=“FinchoMatic, post:86, topic:18165”]
Think about the nightmare that is for tournament organizers who have to provide setups for multiple games and hundreds/thousands of people to play on at any given time. Look at the games difference between the two:
PS4- Street Fighter V- Blaze Blue- Guilty Gear- MKX- Injustice 2- King of Fighters- Skull Girls- MVC3 (now) - Tekken7
Xbox One- KI

Larry, there are other fighters coming to the system so I think your list is a little misleading on “difference.” I’m not sure what you’re placing on this.

Regardless if MVC3 is now, it’s still coming to the platform, in addition to Tekken 7, Skullgirls, Injustice and BlazBlue.

To the topic, I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

…and now that it has finally returned it’s almost gone again back into the abyss

I disagree and think this line of thinking I would argue this is a little extreme considering Microsoft is continuing the support of the game and is still being played at tournaments. It’s established enough to where we’re getting continued support from the publisher. I can maybe see this point in the competitive side of things, but the game is still being played so, I think we’re fine.

By the way, that’s finchomatics response to crazylsd, the quote got messed up when I copied it.


So if it’s not toxic behavior coming from some pros and it’s not because of exclusivity, then what’s the reason why KI has such a low amount of entry slots?