Does it feel rewarding or fun enough to play as Mira?

Hello forum dwellers. I came to make this post after I saw one of the polls talking about who the hardest chars were to play in S3. To no surprise imo, Mira was a popular vote from the community. So let’s ask a couple of questions;
Is it rewarding enough to play as Mira?
Are you having fun?
And are you satisfied with the way her health mechanics and Instinct works?
What could be improved on in her moveset?
Alright, let’s get this discussion going. Should be interesting.

It should be made more apparent that MK reaping is a hard knockdown. I don’t think it says that anywhere in the game?

I’ve been on a break from Mira to explore more of the cast. I plan to come back to her once I’ve spent time with garbos and cinder.

I mainly play her as a pocket, but she’s incredibly fun for me. If I had to change anything, I would get rid of the shadow damage ender(because her regular damage ender is just as strong if not better) for a health Regen shadow move, like Spinal’s skull regen shadow move, and let her cash out with MK Embrace for air juggles. Just my 2 cents.

She has a health restoring move, though. Shadow command grab always restores the full amount, even in combo.

Yes, even her biting linkers restore health at the cost of damage. But I was thinking of something a little less committing so you don’t actually have to touch the opponent. Vampire Mist for a bar for 5-8 seconds maybe? Of course this move would still be unsafe, naturally.

It is very rewarding!
Damn right I am!
Yup! Her instinct is one of the best in the game.
I feel she is perfect just the way she is.

Her shadow reaping should only be used for juggle cash outs, which become a huge part during her instinct. So I feel like her shadow reaping is fine the way it is.

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Nothing feels quite as satisfying as landing a counterbreaker with Mira and watching an entire lifebar turn to dust~


I’m honestly not the CBing type, because Mira feels risky enough as it is having to spend most of her life for plus on block pressure. That 80% feels a bit shallow after a CB when you see your life is about as close as theirs.

I feel that Shadow Reaping is lacking in and outside of Instinct. The cash out isn’t much better than normal reaping damage ender(bout’ a 3-5% difference in most scenarios)and your better off conserving your meter for healing and defensive plays(Shadow Counters and stuff). Most decent Mira players I’ve seen only use it for kill setups to take a lifebar.

Maybe a more reliable crHP because I dislike finnicky buttons, but also Mira is probably top 1 right now so iuno.

Mira is great. I think characters like Mira are great for the lab monsters and theorycrafters of the game, and I can see multiple competitive players only just starting to piece her gameplan together with good results, so I don’t want to see any serious shake-ups.

Maybe she’s got that S2 Kan Ra syndrome where she hasn’t been figured out completely yet. Time will tell after 3.6 if she’s a sleeper or not.

She definitely, obviously is. There’s just nobody using her anywhere near her full potential.

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After Sadira, I certainly love Mira. I pulled her out of the closet the other day. Almost won too! I would have had I not forgotten to heal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shadow reaping lacking in instinct? Wut. I mean yeah if you don’t have her instinct mist out. But the idea of it (at least how I play her) is to apply the instinct mist and wait for the opponent to jump in the air. Hit them then juggle cash out with shadow reaping and you easily take anywhere between 30-50% from a 1 chance breaker, depending on the set up. Outside of instinct yes shadow reaping has little use, unless you’ve built up plenty of pd from breakers or resets, then the same set up applies for when they jump. But again that’s how I use it since I’m very juggle happy with her.

On a side note I’m currently in the process of making a guide with her. From beginner tips to God like set ups, and tech never seen before! I have more than enough knowledge with her to help anyone who has questions. I’d be happy to help.


Xadiran mira is ridiculously good. Listen when this guy talks about mira, haha

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I have to agree here, I fought you a couple times in ranked and gosh, you Mira is bonkers

I wouldnt mind some pointers sometime, Mira was the first (and together with Fulgore, the only lvl 50 I have). I really like her, but I’m pretty noobie, since I always play fighting games pretty casual, wouldnt mind taking Mira abit further into expert territory though :sunglasses:

Absolutely. Mira is monstrous in almost almost every respect besides her poor anti-air and largely shadow counter-susceptible offense.

It’s just that her health system makes it so you need more openings to win matches and you get punished harder when you fail to get good openings / get countered when attempting them. She’s risky but very fun to move around and the reward when you outplay your opponent for a big combo is very satisfying.

I’m total garbage compared to people that are dedicated to Mira, but I will say that when I die from the health mechanic she has it’s because I’m taking huge risks. I’d say her health loss is manage-able as is. AS WELL as her being super fuckign fun to play of course, her risk vs reward for trying to land Counter-Breakers is DUMB. You risk getting combo’d by your opponent for the possibility of melting your opponents healthbar. I love it.

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Also chiming in as a dedicated Mira main, she’s so much fun and she’s goddamn perfect.
She has phenomenal buttons which you can convert into massive damage.
She rewards you for playing the combo game.
If anyone has any questions or anything, I’d be happy to help.

Also another known benefit is that even when you get broken, you still do as much damage to your opponent as most characters do with full level 2 combos. And with the PD tacked on, you’re one one-chance away from another level 3. And because her ground game is so good, you WILL open them up again.

This isn’t even bringing in the juggle and air shenanigans she has that @MHXadiranXV uses.

Between the both of us, perfect Mira is getting closer and closer.