Does IG still ban players?

We all know Vjdoule34 was banned but everyone in @CStyles45 stream is saying Remy Boyz (currently #2) spot is Vjdouble’s alternate account.

Also what are grounds for getting banned?

I have videos of one player in particular, a 3 star Thunder/Spinal player ( I’ll update this thread once I get home to my Xbox with proper GT and clips) of him Rage Quitting on me 6 times in one week. A couple of those were during the character select screen. If he’s still doing that now, who’s to say he didn’t do that for those 3 months he received a star for and went under the radar?

Oh, I also have a clip of Remy Boyz Rage Quitting on me as well.

Edit: The 3 Star player is Element0 xX
I added the previous matches so IG can see there was no lag prior to him Rage Quitting so that can get ruled out automatically. Here’s a 12 min video of him alone this month.

I faced the player in the video just the other day, saw 3 stars and figured I was about to get whooped.

I was suprised and proud when I dominated the match.

You can probably report them through Xbox LIVE for unsportsmanlike conduct or cheating. Hell, I might do it for the sake of keeping ranked real, even though I don’t participate.

BTW, props on the lag/quit proof Glacius tech, @C88TexAce

That Element0 xX dude RQ’ed 2 more times on me in the last hour. He also managed to get the #17 spot for Top 32 this month. Instead of IG awarding him a 4th Star, they need to erase them all by banning that account for cheating.

I had a player quit on me this week, somehow, before the character select screen.

I was then awarded with a win, and 1,000 points.

Didn’t get to see their name but I imagine they’re somewhere high up on the ladder.

you know I rage quit from time to time if the players are being cheap and not letting me fight,whats the point say for instance
a 50 Kan-ra player who always reling on the scarabs and telerporting hile not even letting you block is reason to pull

That’s not a reason to ragequit. That’s a reason to spend some time in the lab.


I disagree its my opionion that its the way you win just because you can shoot someone in their sleep doesn’t mean you should,its an analogy, there are a lot of unblockable moves from S2’s fighters

Well apart from literally every character having an unblockable throw, there’s 3 characters with unblockable command moves in S1 (Wulf’s Overpower, Glacius’s Shatter, Thunder’s Call of the Earth) and 4 in Season 2 (TJ’s hoop toss, Maya’s mantis jump in, Kan-Ra’s clutch, Hisako’s possession and Influence. Not counting Omen’s demonic despair since it costs all of your resources, has more start up than anything else in the game, and does no physical damage), so the numbers are pretty well split all things considered.

Besides, if Kan-Ra’s scarabs are a problem, you can poke the non-shadow versions or use a projectile and they dissipate. Get in close and bait either a grab or sandsplosian and punish. Even bad match ups can be won with the right mind set. Just need to spend time to find a way around it.

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@CrazyLCD , check this out for yourself since you’re in charge of the Top 32 tournaments.

You know…

I’d chew the fat with you on this, but I don’t think it’s going to be productive because we simply have different perspectives; you see your lack of success in that scenario as an issue with the opponent, whereas I’d see my lack of success in that scenario as a deficiency in my own playing.

tl;dr: “Is that sand or salt in your eyes?”


Unlike some fighting games. KI’s roster has plenty of tools that can help you get around it. You also have a community of other folks to talk to.

I suggest you ask some folks in the thread of whom you main for help.


Well said dude!

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Well if IG doesn’t ban them, I at least block them.

Look. There is times where I get beat BADLY… Only person to actually get a perfect on me as of right now is @C88TexAce (Honestly. I usually get a couple of hits in, even if I’m getting Bodied). Do I get salty and quit in the middle of his combos? Do I just not hit anything, and wait for him to finish? NO.


Lol. All jokes aside, People that usually Ragequit i feel don’t get penalized at ALL. Not even a slap on the hand or anything! That means someone can just keep going and Rage quitting, with no end in sight.