Does failed performance test affect matchmaking

So I got KI for PC through Microsoft store. I don’t really play ranked and my performance test ran a 981. That shouldn’t affect Exhibition mode right? I have cross network and cross play on but can’t get a match, matchmaking takes “forever” to find an opponent. I’ve tried both exhibition and lobby modes. I was really excited to get back on after not playing for 2 months.

It affects matchmaking. You won’t get matched with people who have set performance test to “pass”, which is, like, everyone.

Thank you. Hopefully some change in settings will give me a passing score.

There is server issue right now effecting some players matchmaking. I havent been effected but many on here have. Check out the thread thats hot right now about Cant find a match or something to that nature.

Thanks. I looked at it and last reply I saw was “update is live”. But I’m still having trouble finding a match. So far I’ve been matched up with the same player couple times.

Yeah its still hit n miss with some. For some reason I havent been effected by it. And I play everyday from 5-7pm

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