Does anyone play TJ Combo anymore?

I was just wondering, as I’ve Literally only seen 2 TJs in the whole span of November. Are there still people playing TJ? Or is TJ as rare as an ARIA?

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Remember, too, that the game’s online population is probably lower at the moment considering we’re between seasons, and aren’t currently getting newson S3 and it’s characters.

When Shadow Jago drops we may see a big increase in returning players, and when we start getting S3 information I can almost guarantee the spike will be enormous.

Or maybe nobody plays TJ, I suppose that could be it.


@xSkeletalx Well, out of say 50 matches I had yesterday, (I finally had time, so I splurged lol)

-Jago: 28
-Maya: 7
-Wulf: 12
-Omen: 1
-ARIA: 2

-TJ: 0

None at all. While 50 matches isnt enough to justify that, What made me think is I played my 2nd main TJ against a pro player with 1 star, and he said, “Wow. A TJ. Don’t see those anymore…”


You can’t be surprised at the numbers you listed, though. Jago is the most ridiculously overplayed character on the roster.

I know. I’m part of the “Jago Army”, Lol.

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Forget the Jago army, the Glacius army is out of control! I actually had a night like two weeks ago where I fought seventeen Glaciuses in a row. And it wasn’t the same guy either.

I find it kind of funny you guys actually track how many of which character you guys fight - I don’t have the time or patience to do that. That being said, I don’t see very many TJ’s either. I personally haven’t played him since I got him to lvl. 50 (I’ve been having too much fun with Aganos). Maybe I should pick him up again just for kicks? He was a fun and challenging character to play, certainly. I think it simply has a lot to do with the fact that when it comes to character concept, he’s kind of vanilla compared to the rest of the cast. I mean think about it - he’s the world’s best boxer/mma fighter; but that pales in comparison to the awesomeness that is a werewolf, skeleton, cyborg, dinosaur, man on fire, etc.

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Yeah what’s with the abundance of glacius?

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“Winter is coming.” - Eddard Stark, from Game of Thrones

On that note, happy holidays! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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…BRB! Gotta get my flame shield! and two tons of road salt! Oh and my best buddy Cinder!

On topic yeah I don’t see many TJ as I did in, like june…

I feel (and heard) that after the nerfs TJ got, many people dropped him in favor of other characters. He’s not that bad, is he? Doesn’t seem like that to me.

I have a feeling that if the current lack of TJ players is due to the nerf, they were only playing him because they could win with him easily pre-nerf, similar to what I also saw as a drop in Sadira players once her unbreakable combo got patched out.

Bear in mind that I absolutely hated pre-nerf TJ and felt he was super overpowered considering how tough it was to break his recapture or auto-barrage, and how disruptive his ground pound used to be.

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True. That makes sense. A question for you @xSkeletalx. Do you think it was a good decision to remove his Autodouble Animations? He only has 3, while the rest of the cast has 6. I know one of the “Fallen TJ Players” (lol) I talk to says he wishes AD animations were back. I know it was for The Autobarrage, and I think it’s great. However, If it’s anything like The Sadira nerf, IMO a character’s nerfs should not be a reason to switch, if you really like the character. They are still as strong as ever!

This is pretty much how I feel, and why I have no sympathy for someone who’s only playing a character because they are notoriously simple to win with or have something OP about them - during one patch for Counter Strike Global Offensive on the PC, one of the pistols accidentally lost all recoil and dealt guaranteed lethal damage if you landed a headshot - for the 2-3 days before they fixed the mistake, that weapon was by far the most used in every match I played. I main Thunder and loved the old COS - I hate the new one, but I haven’t stopped playing him just because of that change.

As to the autodoubles - I haven’t played enough matches against TJs to give you a decent opinion since the changes.

If the amount of ADs a character has was what determined how much a certain character got played, that would certainly be interesting…

Think about it - post-nerf TJ (which I far prefer over pre-nerf TJ due to the balance, a.k.a. not-nerfed, changes) only has 3 ADs and hardly gets played at all. Contrast to that, and you have Glacius with 9 ADs instead of the usual 6 (the 6 standard ADs and then 3 more for his ranged ADs), and he’s getting played with a lot more lately. It kind of makes sense - but that would be ridiculous to believe, wouldn’t it? After all, Sadira also has 9 (6 standard ADs and 3-in air ADs) as well, but she still hardly ever gets played. Add to that Aganos, who has the standard 6 ADs, but all 6 are among the slowest in the game visually-speaking, making them incredibly easy to read and counter, and yet he seems to be 1 of the most popular characters in the game right now. It’s really quite funny to think about when it comes to the dynamics of each character and just how much they get played.

Still, overall, I don’t think that’s the reason for it. It’s also why I don’t think TJ is terrible - he’s not. You STILL have a 1 in 3 chance to break no matter how many ADs a character has, since there’s only 3 strengths of AD (light, medium, and heavy). Sure, there are other factors that may make a character easier or harder to break (such as with pre-nerf TJ), but as of right now, despite the differences, I think we’re all pretty well off - including the current iteration of TJ Combo.

I dislike his auto double animations, everything has to be a manual with him because of how easy it is to catch his autos.

Heavy’s = Uppercuts
Medium’s = Hooks
Light’s = Jabs

There is no variant with any of the kicks, I actually noticed this not too long ago when I played him to reach level 50. Despite his lack of auto doubles, his setups are intense. I mean, three levels of recaptures and juggling skills that make Cinder blush are his strong suit. Often times I forget his lack of auto’s because of all his unique tools. But, when I do rely on his auto’s it usually costs me with several breaks and even the match. His Auto Barrage was the reason but why didn’t they take it off before when you weren’t locked in? Now that you are locked in, it almost seems like a huge disadvantage rather than balance. Even in 8BBD I rarely see someone other than Robelo using TJ. Really though, I’m not sure what would make TJ more refined as a character without making him overpowered. I do feel he is lacking, whether it is visually or gameplay wise there is something missing about him.

I guess the only way you can get out is using the advantage ender, but sometimes I feel like people are able to counter the advantage and do something a bit quicker than I can do, like Jago’s DP. I guess I can say, when I play TJ combo, I’m a bit riskier with Autobarrage, using it for setups, and frame traps as well.

TJ Combo may have lost players when his major changes happened, canning half his animations.

But it shouldn’t be THAT much of a problem, Right? Less Animations mean more counter breakers. :slight_smile:

The lost animations were because he ended up having very similar light and medium ADs and it made his combos very ambiguous. Although it is easy to recognise his doubles he also has the ability to switch them up mid way through meaning reacting isn’t as simple as a normal double.

There are plenty of good TJ players, check out Rebelo, Thrash Heavy (the man who sang for the Omen theme song), Prodeath uv & Cat Drugs from Japan (actually a US expat).

@GalacticGeek Sadira doesn’t have air ADs, she does have some air target combos and multi-hitting moves but no actual ADs.

@TheNinjaOstrich the advantage ender leaves you at (IIRC) +4 frame advantage. Except TJ in instinct, the fastest jabs (pretty much everyone’s Cr.LP for example) come out on the 5th frame (they have 4 frames of startup then hit on the 1st active frame) which means that they are able to act on the earliest frame you can possibly hit them. If they choose to do an invulnerable move like a DP it will hit you even if you were faster as they cannot be hit by your attack. If you suspect they will DP then block after your advantage ender and get a fresh combo on them.

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