Does Anyone Play On Hitbox?

I got a Hitbox myself now. Cost an arm and a leg. Better work as advertised. Expect to be EVO champ next year.

I totally did not expect the HitBox to work on my Xbox with a Brooks converter, but perhaps mine is a newer version (?), because it works for me.

Yeah, I see now how replacing the artwork can be a pain. :cry:

So far, the game I am playing SamSho works a bit differently as far as certain shortcuts are concerned than a SFV. But I hope I can used to it quickly. My left hand needs a lot of practice it seems. Stiff fingers…lol

Yeah, might just be a newer version. Or maybe the converter works in one direction but not the other (mine is X1->PS4) :man_shrugging:t5: Either way I’ve got a Universal Brooks PCB in there now, so it plays on both without any issues.

Best of luck as you learn how to use it though!

Thanks. I am aiming for January when EVO Japan takes place, so I have like 4 months which should be enough theoretically to gain confidence.

Did you end up getting your artwork too? What kind of art did you commission? Spiderman? :spider_web:

Also, I am not sure what to do with my thumbs. Use my left or right thumb hahahah

It’s that Hisako art I posted on Twitter a while back. The blue/black Richard Suwano one. I should actually have it installed in about three weeks - going to the States end of this week, so will collect the art and plexi before I head back to Singapore.

I use both depending on the motion. For certain things I tend to use left (movement primarily, IAD’s), while for others (TK’s and 22/88 SC6 inputs) I use the right thumb. It’s really just whichever feels natural for that particular move at that particular point in time.

great video

now all i need is artwork