Do you use Square Gate or Hexagonal for KI?

As the title says I noticed pulling directly down on a square is a HUGE issue it slides to the corner.

Does removing the gate help?

It shouldn’t be a huge issue just pressing down, though. You should probably work on your inputs, you don’t need to pull or push the joystick with force, just move it so it clicks.

In any case, removing the gate wouldn’t be a good idea. Get an octagonal gate and you’ ll be good to go with that issue, as each of the eight directional inputs has a corner of its own.

I play with an octogonal gate for preference, I feel it helps with circular motions. And while you should train your inputs so they aren’t as sloppy as not being able to press down without the stick sliding away, the octogonal gate will help with the issue as well.

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Removing the gate will mess with you badly. NEVER remove the gate, replace it with something you like better, but NEVER remove it. Without the gate, you have full control over the stick, but you create an extra long motion that’s lacking in precision and you will have to do extra long motions just to get the same input.

Using a square gate at first is a little…unusual to say the least, but enough practice and you’ll get used to it. Really helped improve my motions for Dragon Punch type moves greatly. Fireball motions are a little difficult, and going from a crouching block to a standing block without overextending and accidentally hitting a jump may require some personal finesse on muscle memory, but you’ll get it.

I’ve only ever used a square gate, and I’ve never heard of a hexagonal, I’ve only ever heard of square, octagonal, and circle. Each has it’s pros and cons, but I’ve heard Zangief players usually tend to gravitate toward octagonal gates for some reason, while traditional Ryu players tend to use square.

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I have a square gate, no issues here. You should probably just work on your inputs, maybe you are putting to much force or “holding” it wrong?

Don’t remove your gate. You can replace it with a different one, don’t try to play without a gate.

Pretty sure a hexagonal gate isn’t something that exists.

I use square, as do most people. It’s generally easier for a lot of things.

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Square, because that’s what comes with the stick. As many have said, you can get an octagonal or a circle gate if you want to. But I wouldn’t blame the gate for any difficulties you are having. It’s not all that hard to get used to a square gate. In fighting games there’s very little point in hitting straight down. It’s the straight back or forward without jumping that you need to be careful with.

I have a new mad catz with a square it takes some getting used to but I’m actually starting to like it.

After being annoyed at the square gate like OP, I went ahead and bought an Oct gate. Sad news is, I didn’t notice overnight improvements. But over time, I do nail my inputs more consistently than ever before, so I don’t know if that’s due to me getting used to playing or the gate.

They’re so cheap I’d say just go ahead and get one and try it out.

I tried a square and circle gate and they both drove me nuts. Switched to a octagonal and it felt great immediately.
It should help with your problem too. You’ll easily know if you’re hitting down or down-forward.

For this game I really like using an oct gate. For USF4 I used a square for playing Vega. Whenever Tekken 7 comes out I’ll most likely go back to square.

I use a square gate, no problems. Maybe you just need some practice.

On an octagonal gate, are the vertices (corners, whatever you’d like to call them) at the neutral left/right and up/down? Or are the vertices not aligned with the neutral directions?

You have eight main directional inputs (up, down, left, right and the four diagonals). In an octogonal gate each of those is a vertice. In a square gate, only the diagonals have vertices.

If the vertices are aligned with the main cardinal direction inputs, I may give that a try. I was kinda worried that they would be midpoint of the polygonal edges, which sounds kinda weird to do that in practice as it sorta goes against a common sense practice.

Square gates the best overall it all comes down to practice

If you go octo gate you need to pick up a 2lb spring and or just a bigger acutator i reccomend a derlin material from paradise arcade

Adding a mod will take time to adjust

For me 2lb spring is a must

Octo gate makes the stick feel waay more loose and requires you to ride the gate harder addinf a acutator shortens that distance :wink:

Watch that video it’ll explain the differences

You dont even need to buy the whole gate theres a insert clip thats cheaper

Octo with 2lb spring… used Square for long time, but I just prefer Octo now.