Do you think she will be easier than hisako?

I have such a difficult time learning hisako I give up lol. do you think she will be easier to learn than her original counter part

Keits has already said on twitter that she’ll be more straightforward to play, so if you like hisako but find her playstyle too difficult, things are looking good for you.


i hope she can be like dizzy from guilty gear xrd sign

That honestly has me a little confused because I thought Hisako was already pretty straightforward. If she’s anything like the sword character in this video though…

Fun fact: The guy playing the boxer is Domi the JP Cinder

If you just think about her gameplan, sure. Her abilities like Wrath and its cancels, teleport, wall jump, command grab and resets are all less straightforward.

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In my experience the most challenging thing about Hisako is her movement. She has really extreme movement options. It’s not “difficult” per se, it’s just awkward and very different from almost every other character. So you need to adjust your mindset. I think combined with her wrath meter - which to my mind is the most obscure mechanic in the game but has a huge impact on he gameplay above an intermediate level, and her very vulnerable and situational special moves this makes Hisako a very challenging character to play well.