Do you guys prefer new chars to have only 3 ADs?

Just a lil backround this is my first fighter. I’m not particularly good at the game.

What are y’alls thoughts on Auto-Doubles? The game has a lot commotion going on and it is difficult for me to make sense of the motions at times. Personally I’d almost prefer it if the entire cast only had 3 Auto-Doubles or repeated the animation twice as Aganos does. It made more sense back in S1 because the roster was so small. But even with just 18 after S2 it kind of overwhelmed me (I began playing in S2 when the Halo MCC fiasco happened). I’m not complaining about the current state at all. I don’t find it terribly messy. But it is a lot of action taking place. And I’m wondering how the more skilled players feel about it particularly. I don’t think any average/noob players would be too against it if they aren’t very good at the game. But if good players feel like it would make breaking too easy or something than that would change my opinion. What do y’all think? Y’all.

At high level, I can absolutely say that it makes characters considerably more breakable.


I agree with Storm. Math may show that you will still have a 1 in 3 chance to successfully break an AD, but as players get better and start recognizing animations, sounds, and patterns - the odds will be skewed in their favor with fewer ADs. The more there are, however, the more there is to memorize or adjust to, so it takes longer. It’s a matter of simply having to recognize the attack (or predict it). Because there are more choices, there’s more to think about and consider, so your reaction time can, I assume, be slower as a result.

Think of it like having a grocery bag full of tangerines (L), oranges (M), and grapefruit (H), while blind-folded - with an equal chance for someone else to pull out any of the 3. Sure, you’ll have a 1 in 3 chance to guess what’s pulled out of the bag, but if you take the time to learn the size, texture, and taste of said fruit (moves), you’re going to know which 1 it is and guess correctly most of the time. However, if you add in different varieties or brands of said fruit (P, K, and ranged ADs, for example), it then becomes considerably harder to guess between the 3 different types of fruits (since some may be of different colors, textures, sizes, etc.) even though there is still a 1 in 3 chance to guess correctly.

Knowledge is power, and here, it applies.

This is 1 of those times where it’s actually beneficial to look at the WHOLE picture instead of just breaking it down into simple numbers or looking at a small piece of the (fruit) pie…

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I would like to have @SightlessKombat input here.

Since you must rely only in audio cues, how hard to break are the 3 autodoubles characters(Arbiter, Rash, Gargos, Raam, Eyedol(in each stance) compared to 6 autodoubles characters?

TJ is a special case here, so let’s put him out.

Anyway, I prefer 6 AD characters, not for gameplay purposes, but for visual ones. It really feels more visually appealing to me seeing different autodoubles for each strengh


Why do y’all think they give certain characters like Arbiter only 3 ADs and chars like Aganos repeat the animation twice? Was it for balancing purposes?

Yes, actually. There was actually a balance patch in Season 2 that reduced the number of Auto Doubles TJ had from 6 to 3 because his Auto Barrage was proving to be too difficult to break.

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Actually only tj was for balance purposes. When asked about rash and arbiter Keits simply said they couldn’t find enough animations they liked.

That’s because they’re not original characters…

Characters that have 3 ADs should be the exceptions rather than the rule. Breakings ADs generally becomes pretty easy once you start to recognize and look for the animations, so having 6 available at all times to give the defense’s expectations and reactions a harder time makes sense.

I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with it.

I think it does, since they had less creative freedom…

I’m pretty sure that animating moves for a character isn’t restrictive to the point of removing AD’s.

I must admit, I do rather appreciate the 6ad characters simply because it gives me a greater chance to not have my opponent break everything just because they can see. Arbiter’s mediums are normally pretty easy to spot, Raam I’ve not played enough against to learn breaking patterns, Gargos is tricky anyway becuase his ranged ADs and close up moves might be different (though I can’t be sure), Eyedol’s just a ■■■■ to deal with as he has so many ADs and other elements to deal with. I mean I’m willing to stand corrected regarding my observations.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this.