Do you even Random?

I love to random my characters, and other than when I play ranked I always do.

Since moving into playing online with other people and not just me and a buddy in a private lobby I have noticed that nobody else ever does. Its obvious from the fact that random throws the default costume on your character, and its rare to see a default costume (for me anyway).

I get that people have a “main” that they prefer and maybe one or too other good characters, but why not diversify. If your “main” is Jago and you also like Orchid and Sabrewulf, do you regret purchasing Seasons 2 and 3 (if you did)?

I just wish you had more control over the restrictions in Lobby Mode, such as setting “Random Only” or even things like upping the match rounds to say “best out of 5”.

I was just curious as to whether they are other “randomites” out there, do you even Random?

Having a random only option would certainly be interesting, as you can skip character select altogether and just go right into the match, which would make the lobbies go faster.

Conversely, if you allow a 1st to 5 rule in the lobby, things would slow down significantly, as people would be waiting a lot longer for their turn to come around when they’re not playing…

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Fair point, you can tell I’m used to just playing with 1 other in the lobby.

I used to random until Season 3 hit. Now it’s just too much for me to handle because I don’t play this game very actively at all. But I used to be able to random into any S1 or S2 character and handle most lower skilled Killer ranks and below regardless of who I got. Now I’ve found myself having to stick to about 5 or 6 characters as I’ve forgotten how to play some, and others have changed too much for me to get a grip on (TJ relying heavily on juggles/flipout and a different neutral game). A huge part of it is also Kim Wu. Once I started playing her I fell absolutely in love. Why can’t every character in this game just be Kim Wu? She is hands down the most fun character I’ve played, and one of the major things that gets me coming back and firing up KI is just visualizing myself tagging someone with a standing MP. Kim Wu mirrors are SO much fun. I have so much fun with this character that I have trouble wanting to play all the characters like I used to.


Most people are so afraid of loosing they wont stray away from their main if they see a Level 50 Killer.
I like to random as long as the other person is doing so too.

I random in any game when playing someone that is learning or when i get cocky. Which is quite often.

I personally feel no inclination to play certain characters, and hate random select as a result. If I’m interested in a character I’ll play them - I don’t need to be forced into doing it.

I did it just today, in fact, and simply because I was in a lobby full of people that didn’t stand a chance against my Aganos (and believe me, they honestly tried). So, I decided to go a bit easier on them while also practicing with, and leveling up, other characters. :slight_smile:

No , because why would I want to play someone I don’t even like? That’s pretty unwise. Like, if I got jago or eyedol, I wouldn’t want to play with them in the first place. So then it just ruins the rest of the match.

I never understood random select and never will. It’s kinda pointless in my eyes when I can just go and select any character of my choosing to begin with.

I don’t pick random often unless it’s with a friend (often to round out a tied set), but I do try and play across the cast. I got every character to 50, and I’m currently working on getting the Battle Worn achievements for each character. It’s taking a while, since I tend to pick favorites.

I kinda choose by Instinct, though. Even if it may be a bad matchup I just play a character I think would be a fun challenge. I’m aiming for Kim Wu, Mira, and General RAAM at the moment, and I tend to pick the one I use on impulse.

Its been a longstanding thing for me and my friends that we always random when playin FGs together.

KI is the first that I have ventured into the online realm with to play others and I have been shocked by how little its used.

There are characters I really cannot use or dislike, but if they are selected thats just bad luck and a loss. Doesn’t matter if I lose anyway, its only a game.

Perhaps I’m just wierd, or have a RNG fetish.

There are to many characters I don’t like playing for me to bother with random select.

I have maybe a dozen of so I’m pretty good with and I’m familiar with the entire cast but I don’t know everyone well enough to do random select.

If its not for you, you don’t have to do it. I like the Random Select idea, there could be a specific lobby type associated with it so you don’t have to join if you don’t want to. Its an interesting thought.
Then again, if you are playing with friends, you can just agree to Random Select. So it kinda makes the feature moot, when it comes to programming it in.

I just discovered the wonders of random select, and I love it.

I can beat 90% of the people I fight with Jago, but that does get a little boring. TBH I usually only move outside of my comfort zone when fighting lower-ranked players, but it kinda evens out the skill gap. I actually like when I get a character I’m totally unfamiliar with and have to figure out commands as I go.

I also feel like it improved the way I play in general. When I get an unfamiliar character (maybe half the cast for me), I try to find good tools within their move set as fast as possible, and set myself up for situations where those tools will be effective. So instead of going for weird, flashy stuff like I do with my mains, I’m focused on playing solid, and just using what works.

Not afraid of losing. Afraid of losing badly, and I prefer to win. Different strokes.

If both are willing and agree to random…then why not? Its just for fun. Just like next Saturday forum random select tournament.

I like the idea of a Random tournament, but truly random not like this one. With the forum tournament you are ‘assigned’ a character to use for the full event.

You couldn’t do a truly random online tourney as some people will flout the rules and select a character when things start to go south for them.

An adjudicator with a simple RNG excel sheet should be present in the lobby to run the RNG twice at the start of each fight and declare the fighters characters to select.

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