Do Omen dossiers drop?

I completely agree with the gems but I also meant XP for those whom do not have all the characters lvl50 if not oh well but like you said the rewards for beating him are pretty bad.

I don’t worry about the lv 50. I work to get every achievement for each character, and by the time I unlock all the character achievements, my character is around lv 45, so that just leaves 5 lv to go. I have 100% of the KI achievements and all characters at 50. My Kilgore is sitting at lv 20 now.
I had no idea how bad the Xp in SL was. Kilgore was my first non lv 50 character that I used in SL.

We might need to make a few threads on how bad the gem output is. At least at higher levels. One Omen fight in Normal is a better payout than Gargos on godlike.

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I used to have all the characters at lvl 50 but I lost all that at the start of S3, I’ve just recently gotten all S1-2 characters to at least lvl40. It took me 63 days on SL to get Kilgore to lvl 25 and I have all the achievements as well. But I only ask for xp boost and gem boost for gargos because he’s supposed to be the final boss, hard as all ■■■■ to beat yet when you beat him you get a very small reward. I really feel that this is something that should be addressed.

That really sucks that you lost all those lv 50 characters. I would be so pizzed if i were you. I think a little gem boost to the other 2 higher difficulty settings would not be bad, but yes Gargos should at least be a 1000 gems. Gems should be 1000 for normal, 1500 for challenge, and 2000 for Godlike.

It is nice to know someone else who 100% KI. Most players, even pros are around 30%.

I don’t know if I can even get my Kilgore to lv 25. I was dealing with son and hit skip day 2 or 3 times before I noticed. Not too bad though, in 13 hours it won’t matter anyway.

I do hope that Kilgore has achievements though

What skill level did you get most of your dossiers on? Or doing quest lines?

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He should as far as I know, he seems to have the amount of accessories like every other character. So far the only thing he’s lacking is a retro and stage which puts him slightly above both omen and shago cosmetics wise. As for the lvl 50 thing yeah I was a bit pissed but it was either wait a couple months until the issue was fixed or reset my progress and I needed my KI fix I couldn’t stop playing KI for that long. It’s not like my KI progress hasn’t been reset before it was only like the fourth time that it has happened :neutral_face:

4 times! That really sucks. I am not worried about Kilgore’s lv 50. The dossier grind could level the entire cast to lv 50.

So how did you get most of you dossiers? I don’t know alot of people that are doing the grind for the dossiers.

It was mostly unintentiona, I played with several different characters each time for a while to unlock the mimic skins and so far what I ve found out is if you beat the same mimic I’ll use orchid as an example several times and with different characters you will have a higher chance of getting a dossier, only reason I say to use multiple characters is because back when I tried unlocking gargos, rash, and omens mimic skins I used them specifically for a while and got nothing thing but omens dossiers with a few others and when I used other characters they unlocked much more frequently. So far I have 84% completion in shadow lords from mainly doing that.

I am sitting at 77%. This is with mostly the same 3 players. Riptor is has always been in the group, Eyedol has been for 14 rounds. Then usually rash, but this last time I picked Kilgore for ovious reasons. Maybe that is why I got a few new ones. Now that I think about it. I will try a new group of 3, and see what happens. Truth be told I want the 100% dossier collection more than the 2 colors for Gargos.

What difficulty did you use?

Maybe certain characters have better chances for certain dossiers. What do you think?

Difficulty doesn’t really matter, as for characters I think it would safe to assume trying characters of each faction one from the alliance, one from ultratech, and one chaotic to get the best results.

I unlocked one of TJ’D with Eyedol. The funny thing is that i have been using Eyedol in the other 13 runs and didn’t unlock anything from TJ. But along with Eyedol is Glacius, and Mira. So maybe one of them being in the group helped. Or maybe it is based on who is the captain.

I am missing alot from Jago, Thunder, Spinal, and Glacius.

I’m missing a lot from kan-ra, tusk and Kim wu yet I’ve barely used them at all so that kind of strengthens my belief on how dossiers are unlocked unless I’m proven wrong.

I have all of Kim’s. I have all S3 except Tusk. I don’t have any complete S1, and I only have Riptor and Omen complete in S2.

This is why I think we need to work together, so we can figure out who unlocks what.

I’m pretty sure I have orchids done can’t say much for everyone else, now that I’ve got Kilgore I’m using him to get his mimic skin out of the way. So far my new team I made earlier today consisted of Kilgore, TJ, and Spinal and after about 3-4 days I got a Kan-Ra and TJ dossier.

What I recommend then is to pick a team of the first character of the season for at least 25 days a run for example your first team would be jago, TJ, and Kim then the next one could either be saberwulf, Maya, and Tusk or have jago, Maya, and tusk and proceed like that until every possible combination can be had. This will take some time though so it’s up to you.