Do I have to re-buy a One for KI?

Hi guys, I’m kinda new here.
I was a KI player 2 years ago during Season 1 but, things happen and I have to sell my One during the release of TJ Combo.

Now, I really want to re-buy a new One just to play KI again and I want to know if you think it’s possible to re-learn the game now and if the community is full of veteran that will be too hard for me or if the game is slowly dying because of his age.

Thank you for every answer.

If you know the basics of season one, you’ll be fine.

You can either buy a new Xbox One, or if you have a gaming PC that’s running Windows 10 then you can get it on their as well.

I don’t think the game is hard enough to get into. I only really started getting into the game a few months before Season 3 came out while casually playing during Season 1 and 2 and now I’m in after playing for a few hours. Since you have S1 experience then you should be more than fine in picking the game up again.

You don’t have to buy an X1. Win10 release means you can get it on PC for free if you have the requirements (by using the same account you bought KI with the first time). If you want to keep your progress from back then though, you have to log in to KI S3 once on an X1 and let it sync the save files.

As for the other part, there’s veterans and a fair few good players, but depending on your region, you could be matched up with anyone. You won’t learn anything unless you start playing with interest anyway so get the game and try it out yourself for a month or so.

The wording of the OP is a little bit confusing when compared to the thread’s title, but I think that either of the potential questions can be answered for you pretty simply.

  • The thread title seems to be asking whether you need to buy another Xbox One to be able to play KI again. As others have said the game is now available on PC (Windows 10 only), and whatever you purchased or owned content-wise will be available on either platform. If you do not log into KI on an Xbox One before logging into KI on a PC, the only thing to be aware of is that your game save will not be available, meaning your profile will start over at Level 1 with characters at Level 1 and nothing unlocked except for characters you own.

  • The OP itself seems more concerned with playing “catch up” and learning characters and mechanics which were released after you sold your original console. That’s something that can certainly be done with time and commitment, and will be easier for you the better of a player you are in general. It will be more difficult than learning each character individually as they released would have been, but if you pick a couple of characters at a time to focus on you should be able to learn new content a little bit at a time. You can also check out the Academy or GG threads to find someone from the forums to play with and teach you specific characters.

Academy thread:

GGs Thread:

The game is honestly stronger than it’s ever been, considering we’re in the third season of characters, have guaranteed tournament support for at least two years, and have a lot of new content and merchandise available or releasing in the future. I don’t think you have to worry about the community disappearing any time soon.

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English is not my language, so I have difficult to express my thinking.

What I mean is: is it worthy to buy an Xbox One NOW just for Killer Instinct?

My doubts come from:

  • general skill of the community after 3 years of gaming. I don’t want to jump in something bigger then me. Not because I have fear to lose or to learn something but because of the skill gap and I don’t have much time to train and play.
  • I don’t know if the game is slowly dying. A 3 years fighting game is “old” and the only ones that still play are die hard fan that are probably incredibly skilled now and this link to myt first doubt.
  • I have the game on my PC but it’s not powerful enough to play KI well and buying a console is less expensive.

However, seems that you already answered my questions! :smiley:

Summed up best in my opinion!

Also OP if ya ask me the game is THRIVING there’s a TON of new characters and new stuff going. KI’s not dying it’s getting better. You couldn’t be at a better time to want to pick up KI again. If you want to do it. DO IT!

(sorry I just had breakfast awhile ago…)

Well you should get it! i never played KI on Xbox One before since this past March 29 (when the game came out to Windows 10) so i have 1 month + days playing the game, learning more a beating people of the same level of my skills or a bit highger!!!, so my advice to you is to get the game a re learn if necessary, I’m new, and i still learning because i just started as i said and I’m pretty sure there is too many people whos starting to play the game too thanks to Windows 10 and since its crossplatform youll always find newcomers

Here is one of my footages

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Insane for a 1 month old player! :confused:

Not bad at all for a month and change :slight_smile:

@supernumian, I guess it just depends on you. For myself, I’ve loved this game quite a bit - I bought an X1 for it, and have never regretted the decision. The community still feels large, and I feel like we should still have enough new players floating around that you aren’t just getting matched up with people like me who’ve been playing consistently for 3 years now and are pretty good. You’ve also got the S1 experience, so I don’t think your acclimation period should be too long.

Yeah it’s possbile. There are people who first started playing in S2 and 3 that learned how to play, so if you were in S1 you’ll probably be fine.

I played a lot online of Mortal kombat 9/X so I think I know the basics of a fighting game , its fun and to be honest, KI has become my new favorite game, I haven’t played MK X since march 29 LOL

You sold your xbox one ? There is no greater heresy. And now you want it back ? Let this guy serve as an example for all who desert the MS covenant.