Do I have to change my char to level up?

Hi guys,
this is a strange topic, for sure, but I want to expose you anyway.

I started to re-play Killer Instinct in may after playing it during season 1 for a couple of months.
I decided to play Tusk, this time, because seems very easy to pick up and play and very fun.

After running into some matches in ranked and in exibition, I reach the gold rank with a good amount of victory and that’s strange because I suck in this game.
The few Killer player that I met, totally destroy me.

Even if I think that rank can’t say anything about your level, I think that the problem is that Tusk can deal an amount of ridicolous damage, so, do I have to change my character to see how I can really improve my playing?

Since now, I think that Tusk help me a lot and I don’t deserve to be a gold rank player.

p.s. sorry for my english, I’m from Italy.

Yeah, you suck and deserves to suffer… :smile:

Now talking seriously, there’s nothing wrong in make it to gold using Tusk, he is a solid char but if not played correctly you loose as much as playing with any other. Aim for Killer and be happy.

Im not sure what you are asking? Do you need to use a different character to truly deserve to be in Gold? No! Most people in Ranked play 1 character. If tusk is who got you there…awesome!

But if you want you can re-qualify and start the entire ranked process over with a different character and work your way back up. That should give you the challenge to improve whomever character you choose.

I think what OP is saying is that Tusks damage output is covering up holes in his game, so he is wondering if changing characters will help him improve other aspects of his game (since he won’t be able to rely on damage alone to win games). If you focus on improving fundamental skills, I suppose it could work. However, you’d probably be better served hitting the lab with Tusk and working on countering what the higher level players are abusing you with.

Play as who you love and enjoy the game. As a Shadow Jago player I have to clutch on to this mentality more so than anyone else. Everyone’s always complaining about how broken Shadow Jago is. xD

Anyways, if you want to get better at the game on a fundamental level maybe pick up Jago for a few months. Then you can go back to Tusk with the fundamentals fresh in your mind.

You may have just found a character that suits you, based on skills you’ve acquired elsewhere. Keep at it :slight_smile:

Tusk’s damage is his primary strength, so using him as a best stick isn’t a sign that you need to switch characters. :slight_smile:
If you like Tusk, then the best solution is to find ways to cater to his strengths and circumvent his weaknesses.
Of course, it’s never a bad idea to try someone else if you feel you’re in a rut. You might find a new character you like more!

I completely agree with everything Fwufikins says. While I can generally play with almost all the cast, I really only use Sadira. Using just one character allows you learn how to use their strengths and manage their weaknesses and there is nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile:

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@supernumian I’d like to add onto what @SoSRaGnArOk said above - using more than 1 character can also teach you about other characters’ strengths that could potentially be used against your main (Tusk) as well as help you better identify what their auto-doubles, manuals, and linkers look like so that you can better read and effectively combo-break them in the future (as they say, “know your enemy”). :wink:

Not only will using other characters teach you their strengths, but it will also teach you what that character hates dealing with. I usually play a character that I have trouble against to learn what others use to punish that character, and I look for something similar on my main.

Many thanks for the advice, guys.
However, I talk too early and I was fighting only against gold rank and killer player two days ago and struggle a lot because how better the player are.
I won only a bunch of matches in that session.
So, I probably stick with Tusk, for now, but I’m gonna play someone else just for fun and to understand how that character can do and can’t do.