Do i have to buy again in the Steam version?

Curious if they going to announce the Killer Instinct WIN 10 version to be transitioned to Steam for the data and it’s all DLC so the consumers won’t have to buy it again, i mean if the Steam version doesn’t support linking existing save data from the Windows 10 version…


It’ll possibly work via microsoft account - log in and it’ll see your data or something like that, but who knows.

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We have no idea because they have told us exactly nothing about the Steam version of the game or how it works.

At this point, I wouldn’t worry about it because there’s no release date. We don’t even have a target date for when the Steam release will occur.

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Why would it be “A WRAP?”

You cant just enjoy it on W10 or Xbox? Why does it have to be Steam for you to enjoy the game?

  1. No xbox nuisance

  2. No windows store

  3. better performance (usually)

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There are lots of games that have 3rd party account login requirements on Steam (Quake Champions for example, or anything by EA). It’s not too much of a stretch to think that KI: Steam Edition will be free to download like regular KI, then once you boot up the game you connect it to your Xbox account and it carries over your progress.