DMG Ender, do you use it?

I will be honest, I’m not a real fan of the “damage” Ender and I seldom use it. I tried forcing myself to end large combos with it, but found that to be a Damage Ender, it didn’t seem to be doing that much… you know damage. In fact, Shadow Recluse is still the best tool for raw damage, especially after juggles, of which most Sadiras are doing 90% of the time.

Secondly, with the addition of the DMG Ender, Negative Edge has now come into play. In order to get a Recluse Linker, you have to hold down a KICK button to get it to work. I don’t really like this as I tend to end up using only Heavy Recluse Linkers, versus light ones and such. While I’m sure there are ways around this, this hasn’t helped me warm up to the DMG Ender.

Lastly, I just don’t find a use for it, when her juggle combos give a ton more damage. I guess the only time it would be good is if you don’t have any meter to end the combo with Shadow Recluse, of which still does a ton of damage.

So for me, I rarely use it.

What do my fellow Sadira mains think of it?

I do not use it either. When I am comboing on the ground with no meter, I usually use blade demon ender and heavy kunai afterward. Since heavy kunai does two hits and the first hit does not affect the combo limit meter, heavy kunai can work well even when the combo limit meter is full. If you use it after the blade demon ender, it actually does more damage than the web cling ender. (Edit: It only does more damage at early ender levels. At higher levels the Web Cling ender does more damage.)

Shadow recluse is Sadira’s shadow cashout option, so yeah, it will always do more damage than her damage ender. It’s also obviously the only juggle cashout option available to Sadira.

@MegaDude56 The heavy kunai “reel in” kick is breakable after an ender, so there’s that to consider as well. I would recommend trying to incorporate some different juggles to your arsenal, as they will do more damage and be harder to break in general.

In answer to your question though @SoSRaGnArOk, I actually use her damage ender when I’m running Sadira. I don’t play her enough to be really proficient with all her new juggles, so if I want good damage and a decent setup without spending meter then web cling is my best bet. The damage isn’t great, but it’s pretty good, and puts you close enough to the opponent to get a good mixup on them immediately after.

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Damage ender does way more damage than blade demon ender for long combos, and in that case I’ll either use the damage ender or use shadow recluse

Most of the time though I use recluse ender. That HKD is so valuable!

I know this much, I use it a whole lot more than I do the head stomp salticide thingy.

It is a very deceiving ender though, with its last hit doing most of the damage. You might not think it, but it’s a very big chunk of damage IMO. I’m not a fan of it, because the animation just kills the pace completely for me.

Because they have it as a finisher, I still keep trying to use the shadow version for a shadow damage ender and just jump out and go back in for a reset. Why not just have the shadow version as a linker or a grounded cash out ender?

She still feels like a mess to me though, yet I refuse to main any one else.
No battery ender, no recap, no flip out, her damage ender doesn’t have a linker or a shadow version and her head stomp (from what I’ve experienced) only comes out if you’re jumping arc is really steep, so everyone knows what you’re up to.

They really need to just make their mind up on Sadira and start taking a real good look at her and what tools to give her.

I know, everyone is face-palming right now, but I am truly despairing about all of this and for Sadira’s future place in the game.

I tend to agree. I don’t know why they just didn’t designate her H Recluse Ender as her Damage Ender, as they removed any juggle potential after it. This, to me, would have been much more conservative and it wouldn’t have caused any negative edge issues with her other linkers/ manuals.

Salticide is a great move though. It allows her to do a lot of mix ups. Isn’t a triple A attack like flip out… no.

While I think Sadira is a great character, I’m finding it harder to win with her this time around. Matches against Hisako, of which I had a great record with in S2, now destroy me with nigh unreactible flip out combos or LK upon wake up into Possession combos. In matches where you have Flip Out + Grappler = Reset Death.

I would also like to see more potential damage with her web attacks. I don’t mind not getting a ton of damage off them, but I would like them to increase the potential damage on captures. This would make her Instinct more meaningful when used correctly.

As a random note, I said multiple times in the past that people were erring in asking for a new damage ender. Sadira got the benefits of the damage ender and other things due to her limited enders getting multiple properties. But no, everyone (using this term very loosely) said “no, it’s not fair that Sadira only has two enders, and she should get more diversity in options.” Welp, we got what they were wishing for - have fun with it :thumbsup:

While the no shadow version thing is pretty atypical, it’s actually not that uncommon for KI’s damage enders to not have linker versions. There are quite a few specials for which this is the case, with the damage ender generally being it.

My Hisako match up has plummeted since S3. As much as possession was a hassle, I find that there’s no chasing her down when she gets the life lead. As soon as she starts the run away game, time out becomes inevitable.

Salticide never comes out when I try to use it, I’m guessing because I use it too late in the jump and expect it to come out as fast as Chun’s MK stomp (Going by SFA3 as I never played SF3, 4 or 5). As for air juggling into it, I can’t find the timing for that either. I just can’t use it at all.

Pfft, I have no clue what to do with her instinct. I could never do that cheap jump-cancelling thing that CD JR used back in S1 EVO, the jump-cancelled linkers are way too obvious and opening with a trap instantly throws out a heavy linker, which is broken straight away. Then the trap isn’t very defensive either as nearly every attack gets rid of it.

I think the web move should be looked at and given an adjustment. Maybe it could be made into a set-up ender that will corner the enemy. Change the animation so that Sadira jumps out to the corner behind her, strings the enemy towards her and then drops them to the ground with a drill kick.

You’re right, that is a good point TBH.

I’d argue that Sadira on release had only 3 offensive moves and only 2 of them were grounded, while the rest of S1 had more. But that’s a totally different gripe of mine.

TBH, I wanted an air linker or a drill kick much like Cammy’s, but Mira got it, so oh well.

And you’d be absolutely right. I guess my issue was always that people had a “gripe” with this - Sadie had a toolkit that worked really, really well for her, and I feel like people never really appreciated it. Because she only had two grounded specials, those specials had some pretty great properties behind them, and her air capabilities weren’t hurt at all by the limited number of motions that she had available to her.

I think S1 Sadira is a far more compelling character than someone like Kan-Ra or launch Maya, where a character has a billion different tools for every occasion. There was real elegance in Sadira’s simplicity, and it always annoyed me that her players always clamored for more. Especially now, since those people don’t even seem to like all that extra stuff they’d been asking for. :confused:

Not an indictment of you personally, but that’s how I feel about those kinds of gripes.

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I suppose my problem with the extra tools she got, are tools I can’t use or can’t find a use for.

What they did give her doesn’t help her with the tough match ups that are (to be frank) now beginning to mount up into an even bigger pile.

Oh no, I take no offense, I’m a self-proclaimed Scublord. I’m not that great at the game (or any other game I play) and I’ll rant and rave about almost everything I see as wrong. I call out on BS when I see it and I’ve had friends fall out with me over it, but still that’s just how I am.

I swear, if I ever became a game tester, no game would ever be released I’d b!tc# about every tiny glitch, story loophole and control malfunction till the Devs heads exploded.

I like the damage ender, but I am not great with Sadira.

i dont play her anymore and i wasn’t a fan of that damage ender for two reasons.
1: there is not a large difference with the other enders, u almost feel the sensation of damages blocked.
2:IMO it was better to use it to cash out as a air damage ender. cause she lack cash out in the air since she dont have recapture like cinder.

lol lol courage friend she gonna be reworked a day :sweat_smile:

Shadow recluse is still my go 2 ender