Dlc timeout all day today

Anyone else having this problem ? It’s weird cause all the characters are there and I can even do online ranked matches but shadow lords won’t work .

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I’ve had this same problem as well, it may have something to do with the most recent update that we got. You should take things like this to the bug reporting forum though if you haven’t already.

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mostly like an DDOS attack. Remove your credit card info asap.:scream:

Alright I’ll do that


I have a similar problem, I am locked from shadow labs, cannot connect at all to the shadow labs servers therefor am unable to unlock or access game features I paid for or new unlockable stuff.

Happened after the latest patch. I have tagged and pm’ed all the devs inthe dev tracker section. Hoping for a response at least. In any event it’s something you have to get used to with this game, some stuff just won’t work right because bugs or whatever.

Same here.

It just happened to me, took about 10 minutes to load up the dlc and wouldn’t let me play SL even though I was connected to Xbox live and could still play online.