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Can we get a dislike button on the forums. Every other social media site has one, and sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes, i want to let someone know I disagree with them without posting a comment, because a full comment is not necessary.


Generally dislike buttons just turn into one huge toxic mess.


I disagree with you. As a creative person, sometimes you just need someone to tell you that your idea is just bad. I’ve seen multiple posts on the forums that I disagreed with and thought were bad ideas. But telling them that would require me to type out some message that is probably over exaggerated by emotion. And by the time I can think about it rationally, I’ve forgotten. Then that person never knows that someone thought there idea was bad, and never thinks to go back and rework/improve it because they think it is perfect. Dislike buttons are quick and impersonal. Perfect ways of getting massive amounts of feedback quickly. Plus, then you get an exact percentage of how many people like your post vs. dislike it, which is useful feedback to have. Say you post something and it get’s 3000 likes, you then scroll through the comments and see three or four negative comments. You think to yourself “well, four people dislike this, but 3000 people like it, so it must be great”. You think you had a great idea and that everyone loves you. But, what you don’t realize, is that the negative feedback, you got was from the four people who cared enough to type a whole comment. In actuality, hundreds of people could dislike what you posted, but you never know because they didn’t care enough to write a whole comment. But they might have cared enough to click on the little thumbs down option in the corner.

The way I see it, dislike buttons are a necessary part of adequate digital conversation and feedback.


There doesn’t have to be a counter for how many downvotes there were after it got past zero. I think it’ll be fine to incorporate.


I’m just speaking from personal experience, any time I have ever seen a “dislike” feature it has been abused. Instead of stopping to have a conversation and reply to a thread people just dislike something in droves, its never a good thing. Again from personal experience, I mean look at something like the Overwatch Blizzard forums, you post one thing that’s not the most popular opinion and you get down-voted to hell, then more people come in and down-vote just because its got a ton of negative votes just because without actually reading it.

Its ugly and I’m not a fan.


Hmmm… If there was a badge for disliking 1000 post… I could get it in one day with some of the people posting these days. lol


You’d probably get a badge for having one of your own posts getting a 1000 dislikes first. :wink:


Disliking always leads to toxicity, plus they will always be those c**** who dislike everything a person posts just because they dont like the person


Your statement might mean something if it came from someone else. lol

(Edit) I know you are just trying to make a jab at me every time you get the opportunity to do so. Have fun with it.


I can see why it’d be useful, but can also see how and why it can be straight up problematic.

Personally, id find no use for it if there were one. If i disagree about a view/opinion/situation, ill take some time to explain it. I’d hope whoever i disagree with would further explain why they disagree with me, or we both come to understand about something. A ‘thumbs down’ is kinda like, “well, whatever, wo/man.”


I’m not that obsessed with getting likes.
I post to make a statement and give feedback to the devs, not because I want some kind of false acceptance from people online that I don’t know, like some scene kid on instagram.


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We might as well since people around here tend to misuse the “flag post” option as a dislike button anyway.


It’s alright if you can’t tell the difference. I know you are just trying to make a jab at me every time you get the opportunity to do so. Have fun with it. ^^


I will. <3


Jab at you whenever possible? Bxtch, please. All you do is cry dumb shxt and I rarely waste time calling you on it.

Can you explain to me how teabagging is bullying, but randomly telling a person that they’re distinctly unlikable isn’t?

To teabag is to say “I don’t respect your ability to play this game, and thus do not take you seriously as an opponent”

To say one is a distinctly unlikable person is to say… well, I know you can comprehend English pretty damn well.


This isn’t really the thread for it, and I already did so back at the now closed thread weeks ago.

Not sure why you are so hung up on it… maybe you should find something else to focus on, something healthier, than what I write on this forum.


If I had a dislike button… yeah boi, this is deffo the thread for it.

Or do you not have an adequate explanation, and would rather the accusation just go away so you don’t have to argue it?

Glass houses, wot.


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