Discussion about a change to Dragon Kick

Right now, Kim Wu’s heavy Dragon Kick, from what KI is telling me, is 10 frames of startup, 10 active frames and 64 frames of recovery, What it doesn’t tell you is that it does not hit standing or blocking opponents on wakeup or while they’re standing, aside from Aganos, RAAM, Eyedol and Gargos (a bug? thought it was supposed to miss flat out.) While the light and medium have other uses like escaping a corner with a dragon, juggle potential, etc, the heavy is mainly utilized for jump-in anti-air. I’m wondering what a change it might provide for adding invincibility to maybe the last 3-4 frames of startup?

Pros to the new move

  • Grants a slightly more reliable anti-air option to Kim’s arsenal.
  • Would perhaps entice more players to use it, doesn’t see much usage to my eye.
  • Metagame wise, makes it less desirable to jump in on Kim-Wu with a pseudo-DP

Cons to the new move

  • Does nothing to prevent most any meaty tech that’d work against her currently.
  • Still is not viable as a wake up option, even with a neutral jump, since she’d go sailing behind her opponent
  • Retains all the other minuses the move currently has now.
  • Does nothing to help a late jump-in reaction. You tried it late, you still eat that jump-in attack.

Other Notes

  • No changes in the moves frame data or damage are being suggested.

I know somewhere that Keits has said he’s either against or feels that Kim Wu doesn’t need a DP. Let’s not split hairs, adding invincible frames to a move like that is making it a DP. But it’s a unique one that fits her billing as a whiff punisher. I’m curious what others think on this.

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Dragon Kick is situational no matter what version it is. Let’s just leave it.

Only thing I’d suggest to make it better is increase the priority so other air moves don’t beat it.

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Correct me if im wrong. ‘Priority’ would only effect a move’s active frames right?

How a priority system works is that when both opponents hit each other at the same time, which move wins?

Not sure of the exact rules for the system in this game.

I get how the system works in general, but i have no clue how it works in game, like you. So i don’t know that saying giving it better or more priority really works. That’s why i went with invincibility.

The priority system is based off strength where each strength beats out the lower strength except for air normals that are (in the priority system) listed as being one strength lower than what they actuall are. We can use numbers to denote this.

Grounded Moves:

Light (1) - Medium (2) - Heavy (3) - Special (4)

Air Moves:

Light (0) - Medium (1) - Heavy (2) - Special (3)

A move with a higher number will always beat a move with a lower number while moves with the same number will trade. This is so that Heavies can anti-air extremely well whereas stuff like Tiger Fury will always anti-air no matter what. If a move has no invinicibilty it can anti-air but might trade regardless.

Priority system

Throw>Shadow>Special>Heavy>Medium>Light grounded

Throw>Shadow>Special>Heavy>Medium>Light Air

Strikes trade with projectiles, projectiles>throws, throws>strikes

Projectile crush attacks>throws and non-character projectiles, and trade with strikes (any strength)

Character projectiles=crush projectiles> throws, trade with strikes (any strength)

Armor>strikes and projectiles loses to throws

Kryll armor> one strike, infinite projectiles, loses to throws and shadow projectiles