Disconnections during ranked

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Disconnections during ranked matches frustrate anyone! If it was a salty player who quits during play, that would be one thing but when internet is involved, its another. I have got a problem with my router, causing me to have to open all kinds of ports in order to get my Xbox internet NAT type set to open!! I dont know how to open ports in my router, I dont want to try… It was on standard and it was AWFUL, I managed to get it set to strict NAT type through enabling the DMZ. It helped a little but still disconnects more than I’d like… I have questions… What is the lowest internet speed you can have to run online??? Is my NAT type to blame for the crashing during online?? If I DO need ports opened, could anyone tell me which port number it is please?

Just google it… thats what I did. There are tons of videos and articles teaching you how to set your ports to open on xbox one. Thats what I did and both my xbox’s are always set to open.


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