Hello. I bought the supreme edition a few years ago (edit: on Windows Store apps). Recently I reinstalled the game to check the 3 recently released characters but all I got was a headache.

First, I can’t “synch to ultratech servers”. So I waited a few days, maybe it’s a temporary bug. Still nothing (just saying in case it has something to do with my major problem coming up next)

Well, doesn’t matter I just want to play offline with my friends as always. So I tried buying the new characters. All of 3 having the “coming soon” description. Even shadow jago says unavailable. So, with further investigation I discovered that I already have the season 3.5 characters added to my collection on the store but they are locked. (as many others have said).

That’s all. I love the game but I’m very disappointed with the support and problems all the versions and DLCs caused.

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Whoops. Wrong thread. Nvm.

I believe the problem may be related to your version of the game (supreme edition - season 2). These 3 characters have been released to the definitive edition owners, if I’m not mistaken. If I were you, I’d pick the definitive edition version. Good luck!