Disappointed that 3.8 did not update these pics

Still old concepts.

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And Kan-Ra, too, right?

Seriously! It’s been like 2 years already. Can we please make the in-game artwork match the final character design? @developers

They didn’t fix the skipping ultras either.

Oh well

all season 2 pics are old. but in shadow lab are upgraded…

Outta of all things that need attention this is what your complaining about…ok… Well how about you come up with the pics or the cost to get them done. Bug fixes and character balances are waaay more important then fixing pics that not really matter to the quality of the game. Lets be smart about this now


All aspects of a game are important, it takes intelligence to understand this too :wink:


I just updated killer instinct and now my all of my guardians, my items, my ki tokens, and my astral bits have been erased completely. I am absolutely disappointed by this update. Did anyone else have same problem when they updated there KI?

@xboxslayer03 it was Matt hardy who DELETE DELETE DELETE all of you progress.

It is just a common SL server issue, that happens when the patch is deployed. Sever is probably offline and may be up tommorow.So all your progress wil return

Updating those isn’t exactly a high priority item for the devs. Sure they’re a bit of an inconsistency, but they’re not causing any issues for the game.

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lmao. stop being a casual and actually pay attention to some of the issues going on. stop talking crap about pics when eagles charge shot crashes game. yea pics are way more important…

or how about orchid shadow flik flak becoming breakable on reset? etc. i can go on and on but all you can do is call me an idiot @Ravan86 Get real.

Other issues include the fact that the bird hangs in a static pose when Eagle wins occasionally instead of flying to Eagle like it normally does. The arrow floats over and falls into his hand. Its so kooky its dumb

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If you finish the match on the opposite side of which you started on, the bird will fly the wrong way in the victory pose and freeze at the top of the stage.

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As I have already explained many times, I am Italian, it is not easy to run through the translator, I prefer you to report technical bugs, I am limited to the graphic aspect.