Difficulty of Online Opponents

There should be a difficulty setting where we can make our online opponents really easy or godlike hard to beat. Obviously the ranking system doesn’t help. I’m a Master rank, used to be a Killer, when I match up with a qualifier or bronze some of them will fight as hard Killers or Killers will fight like clueless new fighters. The difficulty setting should be determined on how well a persons shadows fight.

Using shadows to determine skill level is probably the worst way to determine someone’s skill. It’d only be for one character and no matter how good they get their win ratios are all terrible. Heck, half of the shadows out there haven’t even been trained in months.


Good players can always find ways to sandbag and throw off matchmaking so as to get unfair fights. This one isn’t an easy issue to tackle, and the person’s shadow is honestly no real way to measure how good a player is online. They would simply make their shadow way too weak and surprise people and dominate.

Who’s to say an opponent online is not using a character other than their main? They may be Killer rank, and fight like an absolute beast with their main character. But if they are trying out a different fighter for a break, or fun, then yeah, they probably won’t be competing at the same level. What if the player is usually an average player, but today, they’re just having a hot streak? Or the other way around? We all have bad days, where we rack up loss after loss. This is not as simple as a difficulty selection. A ranking system can only account for so much of a players overall skill level.