Different stance

Is there a reason why his stance is still like Jago when his stance on the character select screen is different? I think the new stance is badass why not use it in game?


It’s because he started off exactly like Jago. Even when they gave him a boss version in S1, he still had every aspect that made him Jago and more. In actuality, the S1 boss was basically Jago+ which was why I didn’t want that moveset in his character because I knew he’d just be a better Jago and that nobody would pick Jago.

We already got more than we bargained for from the real boy project: they polished up his visuals, gave him a bunch of colours, and created new animations and effects for a range of new moves.

This was asked before and Keits said:


While the others are correct, it’s also nice to think that Shago is still, at least in part, Jago - by keeping his neutral stance relatively the same, it helps show that Jago is still in there, fighting to regain control of himself. :wink:


It’s still Jago, just possessed by Gargos, right? So his stance remaining the same only makes sense, imo.

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This was the answer I was looking for, thank you. I had a feeling it had to do with the complexity of the animations. I appreciate the rest of the feedback but I was just looking for the logic behind it. I didn’t notice until I started playing with shago yesterday.

Having dealt with detailed stance (and walking) animations I totally understand their stance on that haha.

I don’t much mind his idle stance, it did bug me at first but after realizing how right Keits was I knew it was better off left as is. What could potentially change is his fidget animation. It could hint at Jago’s strength attempting to regain control or something like Omen’s where it seems like a taunt.