Different animation for two attacks

So i read the patch that arrived awhile back for shadow lords. I’m a little sad at the nerf for his crouching kicks, but i agree with them wholeheartly, they were too good for what they do. then the interesting quality of life change was his Boot special for the regular and the linker, which i totally agree and on board with it. To make it easier to differentiate between the strengths of Boot.

Then i read infil’s guide as he released the Rash guide 2 days ago before this post and he pointed out something interesting.

I’m all about consistency, and to see this get overlooked found me to be quite surprised. So Battlemaniac Recapture and Rash Bash has the same animation. Nothing wrong with that, but the thing is they’re different strengths. If they were the same i wouldn’t care that much, but for the sake of clarification for combo breaking, to have two different strengths to have the same animation for something doesn’t sit right with me.

As a suggestion, just a simple VFX change like what you did with Boot, just make the Battlemaniac Recapture fists smaller. Why the recapture specifically? cause it’s a LP move.

I play rash religiously, and i could careless what you do to him wheather buffs or nerfs, im standing next by my toad. but in terms of aesthetics inconsistency i just would like to bring this up

They might have the same animation but the timing on them is completely different in regards to breaking a recapture attempt. If he instantly does it after the two jabs then break light, if there is a delay then break heavy.

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I always thought that after jabs the recapture was always lights. Is confusing sometimes.
I’ve also seen tha Glacius has two manuals that look exactly the same. Not a good idea to break them, if they guess right, they are breaking a pattern (light and medium s kick manuals are the same)

the point is where two animations are the same looking even though it has different stats. I know the timing is different, i’ve read the guide. it’s just an inconsistent thing i just would like to bring up. especially if it’s something you don’t see commonly throughout the roster