Did You Know Gaming: Perfect Dark - Coincedence? (Joanna Dark as guest character in KI)

WARNING! This is just a conspiracy theory.

Did You Know Gaming JUST released this video:

I do wonder if this is a pure coincedence, or if they know something about the 8th S3 character the rest of us don’t know yet…

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I will go through a wall if we get another guest character.

Granted, I do like her design, but I am truly hoping for a surprise original character and out of nowhere, Eyedol tease as a guest or something.

It is a rather spotty coincidence and she is part of Rare… eeeeeeeh.


Its probably a coincidence.

Eyedol the one true king!!

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Its got to be coincidence… Im sure this video was made a week or so ago. I wouldnt think they would trust anyone outside of MS/IG to know anything about the reveal.

I like the idea of JD…just not for the 8th character. If its a guest there are going to be a lot of upset fans.

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Probably… or is it?!

But seriously, it probably is.

So true. I hope Joanna Dark is not last character… Because we have three guests characters… Three guests is too many…

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strange. Same happened to Rash…

ILLUMINATE wooooooooo


I would really expect a Brute or another Gear character over Dark. And I think most of the people who want Dark would probably prefer an original character over her.