Did they change Kim Wu's voice?

Her line delivery seems off pre fight and during.

In the Kim Wu trailer and S3 footage from KI World Kup, she sounds so badass.

Now she sounds bored especially on “I’ve got a friggin’ dragon. You can see how this ends, right?”

What gives???

It’s probably the same Intro, but 2 different ways of saying it.

Hope so. Usually not so picky but she is going to be my new main.

Part of what makes her so cool is her attitude!!!

I don’t believe so, I do know they were adding more dialogue in Korean so maybe some slight revisions to her vocals could’ve happen but her character will not change I assure you :grin:

Depending on if they are player 1 or player 2…the tone and delivery are different in case of mirror match…maybe that’s what you heard?
Ive always noticed Mayas is very noticeable if she is player one compared to player 2