Did anyone notice this Kan-Ra bug?

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did anyone notice that during ultra when kan ra attacks with a barrage of bugs and sand spikes it builds KV everytime despite every character’s ultra combo doesn’t build ANY kv ever. Not a huge priority/problem but something to keep in mind :wink: for future patches.

ARIA’s in the same boat kinda. Her ultra builds instinct meter. :frowning:

I don’t play Aria but I never noticed that XD same deal though not big issues just dumb goofs

Well it kinda does since it affects TJ.

But when a character ultra’s a TJ with full instinct doesn’t it immediately end the combo? Unless the ultra’s ender gives meter?

Should probably move this to the proper section of the forums.
That being said, I think this isnt a bug, but actually intentional.

Last I checked ultra don’t build anything except the hit counter.

OK, wanna play that game? Fine, game on.

Yeah, because I’M the one who brought up ARIA’s ultra gives instinct meter. I put it in the bug thread. It’s a bug, it’s not supposed to do that. Therefore I excluded it.