Did anyone get the Omen color pack or Nah?


(I can’t quote the blur text from @WrathOfFulgore grumble grumble)

What? Santa doesn’t exist? You both ruined it to me

I always had faith in this lovely fat guy…

K̶a̶p̶p̶a̶ not kappa


I gotta warn you if you follow my footsteps there are a lot of moms out there that will see that point of view as a threat to their children’s “innocence” and will just about come to blows to protect their ruse. :unamused:

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My parents never understood the fact of propagating a lie. We learned about Santa Claus and we had fun with Christmas, but we always knew it was our parents that gave the gifts.

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Haha. Is what it is. I grew up knowing the truth, so I’m not really invested in protecting some random kid’s “innocence” either.

Let the parental melee begin! :tada::rage::tada: (you know, when I actually settle down and have kids :joy: )