Diablo 3 Necromancer

So, who else is hyped for the return of the Diablo 2 hero class, Necromancer. I was so disappointed when D3 was first announced and the Necro wasn’t there. Stoked to see his return (although, how Blizzard decides to go about selling this character pack may take away from that). What do you guys think? The good, the bad, the unknown? Any speculations on play style, how they’ll sell this, or anything else you’d like to bring to the conversation? Are you still even playing Diablo 3, or have you given up on the game a long time ago? Will the Necromacer bring you back?


The Necro will bring me back for 1 season. Aside from that, I’m waiting for a content patch worth playing. I’d buy another expansion or a D4. The seasons are too similar to make me come back for more without anything like a class, new big areas, or new enemies.

They’ve described him as siphoning the life essence from his foes to regain whatever his resource is. Apparently, it’s similar to the Witch Doctor’s Mana.

They should have let Diablo 3 go and focus on Diablo 4 instead.

The new stuff we’ll get we’ll play for about a week or 2. Then it’s probably dead again.

Except the mana for the WD regenerates. The necromancer will have to refill it by himself. Like Fury in a way.

I didn’t hear that. Hopefully it’s not a pain. That’s the main reason I don’t play Barb. I play Wizard so I can have INFINITE COSMIC POWER! With an itty bitty living space.

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Who says they aren’t working on Diablo 4? Blizzard always takes years to make a Diablo game. Diablo 2 was 5 years behind. Diablo 3 was also pushed back for over 3 years.

I love when game companies still add-ons to game after a few years. Most games now only get updates for the first year that they are out, and then they are done.

I can’t wait to play Diablo 1 again :slight_smile:

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It’s gonna be just like any other generator. Via items people will probably bypass this :slight_smile:)
They mentioned some type of syphonskill to drain enemies to gain essence.

Yeah, Diablo 1 is awesome. The anniversary in D3 is far from as awesome.

I know I’m late on the party but
It’ll be really cool seeing this bad boy (or girl, since we have the choice) back in action.
Being able to raise your own undead army, using hell’s own forces against it as you curse and trap your enemies to weaken them and suck the life from their corpse to bolster your own strength before making a huge hole from their bodies to crush your foes…

I can’t wait.