Dhuvam - Sage Ape Character Concept

This started on “Looking forward to the next original character” thread though I LOVED this image I found on the internet and started building a concept.

This is Dhuvam (Dhuvām̐ or धुवाँ - which means Smoke).
He is a Sage Ape-Man from a long lost tribe called Tuvalo Bamdara - The Apes of Mist. They have lived for centuries hidden among the mountains of the region of Bhijer, Nepal, long before men started to found their villages here and there.


Dhuvam is the last of the bloodline of Thulo Mastara (Ṭhūlō māsṭara - ठूलो मास्टर) - the Great Master. He was the first ape which the gods gifted with the wisdom of the arts. This allowed the Great Master to learn the BO Staff fighting to defend him and his offspring without killing other animals. Over this respect foundation he created the Tuvalo Bamdara, Ape-Men so fast and skilled that on the few times they were sighted by human eyes they disappeared so fast that myths of apes made of mist are told by the generations of people of Nepal.

When Dhuvam was born though, in a rainy night, an eerie feeling was felt among the Tuvalo Bamdara. It was like the gods were whispering but they couldn’t understand what they were saying.
Dhuvam grew up with a feeling that he didn’t belong that place. His skills always stood out among the apes with the same age. He lived up to his name, as no other could hit him, like he was made of smoke. The BO Staff art, while taught was never necessary, due to the calm and hidden place his tribe has chosen to live.
With 20 years he left his tribe over the night. He was decided to know how the world beyond the mountains was like, so maybe he could find an opponent to match his skills. Over the years he fought savage animals but they have showed themselves too easy. So he hid his face under a hood to fight men. One by one Dhuvam defeated the brave men that the local stories made look like strong.
But his life gained a new purpose when he left Nepal to go to Tibet. Stories were told about a monk who was once corrupted by a power he couldn’t contain. It is said that this power took the form of a shadow that announces the arrival of his master. The most powerful being that was ever witnessed on this mortal plane.
Now, with 56 years, Dhuvam faces the biggest challenge of his life, as he enters the Killer Instinct Tournament to fight the best fighters in the world, looking for a clue that can lead him to his final probation.


Dhuvam is a BO Staff user so he is mainly a mid range weapon fighter, maybe a little like Hisako, but the idea is him to be fast and kinda acrobatic/rhythmic.
He also carry the Scroll from his ancestors, which can be used for his instinct. He could become bulky and slower but his Staff would become enchanted which could be used to 1) cast projectiles (animal spirits), 2) push the opponent backwards, 3) jump higher/double jump.

An example of BO Staff movements:

So, what do you guys think? Did you like the concept? Please leave your feedback.


  1. Technically apes don’t have tails so either ignore the tail on the image or make him a monkey.
  2. All the names were made using Google Translator so if something is wrong, it was never my intention to disrespect the Nepali language.
  3. He was originally going to be Japanese but I changed because Hisako is Japanese. His original name was Enjin that means Ape-Man in Japanese, much cooler than Dhuvam, but it was what I could come up with. If you find a cooler Nepali name, let me know.

Design by In-Hyuk Lee


cool if it would have properties like kilik or the new guy in sc5

Or lichtI in blazblue

Do you mean Xiba? (Don’t know the game, I looked for it lol).

Yes, I like his move set. KI definitely needs a Bo Staff fighter.

(Cool fact: Xiba’s match ending is “That was a lot of fun.” kinda like Cinder’s "That was too much fun.)

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Xiba is a ripoff of Kilik; Kilik is far, far better IMO, as he was the original bo-staff fighter in SC.

As for the character concept, I have no personal complaints, ‘cause well, you know, it’s freakin’ awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone feel any Planet of the Apes vibe in this one?

Plus the Primal Rage apes?

As long as the ape or any creature doesn’t speak English!
I cringe at the thought of sabrewulf talking like beast from X men

He has some Nepali notions but he mainly speaks Tuvalo Bamdara’s dialect, which is mainly grunts and ape noises so I think it’s not a problem.

This would be so cool. I absolutely love the idea.

You said he wears a hood to fight humans. How about a mask:

Art is not my own, website says it’s by eWKn, but it’s amaaaaazing.

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