Developer approved mods

as things seem to be coming to a close and most patches are bugs or balance related. I was wondering instead of always hitting the budget wall for new costumes and accessories, we could persuade MS to open mod support. Skyrim, halo, fallout, and custom challenges from forza horizons all point to success. since it’s doubtful devs will revisit se 1 or 2 characters I thought this would be viable. feel free to merge this topic but I haven’t seen a threat where mods could ease the budget restraints on this game. again they would be dev approved mods and would be a win/win situation for all of us


You mean something like doom’s snap map? That sounds cool, maybe a player would be able to design stages for eyedoll, Maya, and the rest without having to pester the developers

It would be realy cool yeah but there’s one big problem, you need modders for that and KI is a small community so there won’t be a lot of them. That argument alone is enought to convince IG not to invest money and effort for making it available.
Well unless a lot of people show them enough conviction for it, I realy don’t see this happening.
Also you might want to wait for news about the future of KI (new season or what?) for things to settle down a bit more.

I’m pretty sure adding a stage editor would be more work than just creating the stages themselves.

hmm. maybe. halos forge mode was just a simplified developers tool that they themselves used. I’m sure they could cut out a peice of the engine and open source it or have that level editor run peice meal in an app. never say never. the pain in the ■■■ would be the generic tools to give the mods.

there’s unlikely to be a season with new characters. the devs themselves said as much.
people would loose their cookies over a mod based fighter! if you build it, they will come

I’d like to see a Maya moveset with a new Kim skin

lol. that’d be pretty cool actually and easy as hell

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Sorry, where was this said?

actually, a cool mod would be to implement something that enabled Mira to consume opponents moves or attributes. way OP but its opening the door to ideas anyways. or a bite switches opponents specials. Mira gets wulf cancels and wulf gets bat projectiles. prophetic if u ask me. :blush:

they talked about it in one of the streams. the end is neigh my friend.

Can’t say I’ve seen this, or read anything that has hinted at this.

I would love to see this! I’m looking to get Skyrim Remastered at the end of this week, and I’m putting my money down on this game that I’ve put HUNDREDS of hours into JUST to play all the mods. The only problem is having the people to make the mods.

BUT, if MS were to make some sort of in game forge mode (a la Halo), or an in game Armor Editor, that would be cool too. If I could edit the color of existing skins and armors, that would be cool too.

I’ve always wanted an exstensive character creation tool set in my 2D fighting games. I know it’s a point of contention for a lot of people, (something about ruining the purity of the character designs or something) but I still think it’s cool. And if it became possible through mods that would be KEEN GEAR, As the cool kids say. Kinda like what they have in the Soul Calibur series.

Meh just me with my head in the clouds…

Odd, because I’ve heard MS say on numerous occasions that so long as people kept playing KI they would continue to support it with more content. In fact you can find at least one instance of that being said in the DE documentaries.

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supporting the game and content Dosent necessarily mean new characters. I really can’t see the roster getting much bigger. can you see it? maybe that’s 34 playables if they add another season? ehh maybe, but at some point it has to break. more characters means more balance issues. people already just want them to polish what content is already there. didn’t lcd and rukarri talk about this on a stream?

Well unless a lot of people show them enough conviction for it, I realy don’t see this happening.