Design Flaws On New Characters (Color Schemes and Textures)

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I am going to start off by saying the graphics and overall look of the game look great after all the patches. Looks like everything got touched up, but there are a few characters and such that still leave me scratching my head.

First off, Kim Wu. Every time I pick her or see her in game I look at her and can’t help but say she looks kind of rough. The textures on her clothing just don’t look good to me. She looks ok from far away, but up close her textures look a bit rough. It kind of confuses me a little bit because all the new characters outside of one, which I will get to next, look fantastic. Characters like Rash, Gargos, and Aganos have a ton of textures and look great. Mira is the other character I would say looks a little rough. Her default cloak, spooky cloak, and her legs (certain color schemes) look really rough up close. Here are some screenshots to show what I mean.

The arrows are pointing to where I think some problem areas are. As I said, in game from a farther distance they look ok, but when they are in closer the textures on their clothing look a bit rough.

This looks rough up close as well.

Compare those two to these guys. These guys look friggin’ amazing up close.

Another thing that kind of bugs me is accessory colors. Take Fulgore for example. When you change his retro outfit color, his Yellow Crush mask does not change color similar to his body. I’m not picking on her, I swear, but Kim Wu again. Why doesn’t her, lets call it her overshirt, not change color schemes similar to her inner shirt? Her headband and wristband accessories on her retro do the same as well. It makes these things look kind of derpy in my opinion. Especially the Fulgore thing. I know there is more, but you get the idea. Here are some more screenshots to explain.

This just looks so derpy to me. Why isn’t it white?

I know I didn’t show Mira in a different color, but you get the idea. Her default cloak just stays red at all times and never changes color much like Kim’s outer shirt.

You can see here, I changed her outfit color yet her head and wrist bands stay the same color.

Just some thoughts. Like I said the game looks great after all the patches. These are just some things I hope get pretty’d up a bit.

EDIT: Here’s another pic of Mira. Her textures are especially bad when up close. Mainly the fabrics she wears. Her boots are a little questionable as well.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/6/6ff473e09266820ed3a52e73554cb7e13419b6e0.png" width=“500” height=“281”


This appears to be more gauged as a feedback thread, so I’m going to move this to the feedback category.

I’m assuming they don’t change colors because “accessories do not change colors.” Objects that can be changed out for another can not change colors. This is why we have different colored accessories. Now unfortunately this leaves the Default, Premium, and Retro default to be mismatched color wise.

So being that there are colored accessories to choose then Im guessing that changing the color scheme on default accessories must not work easily, other wise we would not have different color accessories to choose from. Looks like the only way for them to fix this is why they added colored ones when we moved from Level 30 to Level 50.

If you want to really see bad texture work, look at Kan-Ra’s Aztec look (the 1 with the big medallion on his chest) - the fur/featherwork around his neck and shoulders is blurry as heck!

yeah in KI2 Kim’s outfit was obviously silk- smooth and shiny. In this game it comes off as all polyester hand-me downs.

The thing is, in certain angles- like her win animation in certain stages- you can actually see some silkiness in her outfit. This makes me think they tried to do it and didn’t know how to pull it off.

What I don’t get is why does arbiters purple ascetic head accessories not match the rest of the set. For both the legs and body they are purple with a silverish tan finish while the head is purple with a bright metallic pink. It makes it stand out out and look bad imo.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure where to put it as I thought the feedback section was only for gameplay mechanics and such.

Hopefully we get a lot more so we can match them with all color schemes.