Demigod character

Perhaps next future games, they can introduce a demigod character. Someone who is a self-proclaimed “superhero”.

If any of you watched the Fatal Fury Motion Picture, this was my inspiration.

The armor he possesses has a weakness.

The armor can somehow be similar to the Makluan rings Mandarin possesses & the Infinity stones Thanos possesses. Including the Kamidogu!

Um, have you seen Gargos?

Gargos is a “demon” demigod.

We’re looking for a “human” demigod!

Tusk is basically Hercules.

An immortal barbarian.

Aganos then. Not human, but… He’s big. :slight_smile:

A golem.

Stop being so literal. Gargos is the only demigod we’re getting so get over it!

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