Deleted KI Characters

So, while looking around on the “Resident Evil” wiki page, I couldn’t help noticing some of the ideas and deleted characters that had been dropped from prior games, and because of that, I couldn’t help wondering what KI’s were.

Here are the known characters so far in terms of dropped characters:

Midas - a wizard-like character. You can find concept art for him by Kev Bayliss on his channel

Bad Cop - this character is actually featured in Cinder’s arcade ending. He has been modeled, but dropped from the roster.

Hockey Player (unknown name) - Again can also be found in Kev Bayliss’ concept art on his channel. Interestingly, the character had been modeled, but there are no indications as to how he would have played, let alone what the character’s name actually is. Apparently he had been dropped in favor of Sabrewulf due to their similar body sizes and stances.
Tremor - a dropped boss character that had been modeled and who was described as “the God of Thunder”*. No other details in terms of what the character looked or played like.
Wanda - technically this was pre-Orchid, although a bit more stripper-esque.
“Tiger Man” - also featured in Kev Bayliss’ concept art video that depicted a street tough wearing a black Tiger shirt. Possibly may have been an early form of Jago, if not influenced his character connection with the Tiger Spirit in the resulting game.
Gunn - a military/Rambo-style dude with bandoliers, pouches and military fatigues who would have fought with an uzi or two.
Vampire - everyone is largely familiar with this one.

If anyone knows of other deleted characters or other details relating to these characters, let us know. What do you guys think? Should some of these guys be included in future KI titles? Should some of the character names such as “Toxin”, Heatshade, Pyrotech, etc be used for other characters? How do you imagine these characters in terms of their appearance and/or gameplay? Have you guys come up with any potential concept fan art for them?

*EDIT: It only occurred to me just now that the title of “God of Thunder” might not necessarily mean lightning and thunder, but perhaps relating to Thunder the character. Do you guys think this could be the case at all?


Wow, I knew about all of these characters except about “Bad police” and “Gunn”. I thought I already explored everything about KI. :o But that’s nice to know also.

I actually would have wanted to see those deleted characters. I’m wondering how would have many of these character work/their powers work, like Midas, Bad cop, Tremor, Hockey Player, Gunn and Tiger Man.

I agree.

I think it would be great idea. But I understand that maybe Kevin and other didn’t have time and/or energy to create all these character after all. They already made extremely good job with Killer Instinct.
Riptor’s original model was looking great also and name “Toxin” was great too, but Riptor is good the way he/she is now. Also, Heatshade, Pyrotech and Magma would have been good names maybe also for Cinder. But for Combo, well, I guess almost everyone agree with me that “Combo” is better than “Mr. Fist”. :smiley:

Now when you mention it, maybe? Who knows? :smiley: It was nice and interesting that they told about these deleted characters and nice of Kevin to show these models in this video, but I also would like to know even more. Okay, well of course I would like to know every little detail about KI. :joy: It would be a dream to meet Kenn Lobb, Kevin Bayliss and others.


Definitely. One thing I can’t help wonder about, though, is just what kind of character Tremor was supposed to be? I mean, we know that the character was a god of thunder, and from his name, it seems to imply it’s a very big, if not strong character, but what I’m wondering is, how would he look and play? If Eyedol was initially going to be a sub-boss to this dude, how much more powerful is Tremor? I would love to hear more details about this guy.

I agree. I recall reading something about Midas, that he was going to be pretty slender and something like: “More powerful that you think/he looks like”. He was going to be some kind of wizard, maybe he could have been using some magic or something as his weapon? Hmm, then what about Hockey Player, Bad Cop and Tiger Man.

Indeed. You can find a design of Midas at around the 4:20 mark in this video:

I could potentially see him being a ranged character, perhaps a zoner, but in old KI, a lot of the characters were very aggressive and in-your-face.

Hm. Well, this is pure speculation on my part, but I suspect that the ice hockey player’s attack involves some sort of shoulder ram. I could be wrong. Bad Cop, he has a club in Cinder’s ending, though whether or not he has other moves/specials? Not sure. Tiger Man, no idea tbh.

Yeah, maybe something like that. Maybe as a weapon some kind of wand? Or just magic.

For Hockey Player I think that some sort of shoulder ram would be suitable. With Bad Cop yeah, I guess obviously a club as a weapon also, but no idea about how he fights. Tiger Man would maybe resemble Jago with his fighting style?

No… There IS another!

Remember Rukari? Before he left for new adventures, he noted that the planned fighter #30 was going to be the teased ENT (Treeman), and that would’ve been AWESOME!!! :broccoli:

Seriously, the ENT would’ve been a remix of Aganos as Kilgore was a remixed Fulgore-base, and my fingers are crossed that this leafy behemoth is unleashed into KI in the future. My ULTIMATE hope would be to have Iron Galaxy finish up this monster to round out the current cast to an even 30 and deliver one more monster- I can dream!

I wonder what the ENT’s name, story, and moveset would’ve been like…


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Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that! I believe there was also going to be a shark man as well that used T.J.'s move set. It kind of makes me wonder if this shark man would have been T.J. or its own independent character.

I’m actully glade they didn’t go through with that. I think if they were gonna make a shark man they needed to do something diffrent/

Wasn’t there something in Aganos’ teaser that people called him “Broccoli man” because of this shadow picture?
Shark man? Hmm… why this reminds me of Street Sharks :smiley:

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Indeed. Ah, “Street Sharks”. I’m actually a bit surprised that one hasn’t been rebooted or something.

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Oh, I’m glad to hear that someone else remembers Street Sharks btw :smiley:
I really liked those toys as a kid

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Same here.

But yeah, ideally speaking, if there is to be another KI, characters should be given their own distinctive moves rather than being clones of other characters.


I agree.

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Ah yes, Aganos aka Broccoli Man :grin: :smile: :laughing: :joy: :+1:

Don’t forget mulluska the giant slug guy Kevin did concept art of


Oh yeah! I completely forgot about Mollusca, although I’m not quite sure it would qualify as a “deleted character” per se since it was drawn post-KI2/pre-KI2013 and wasn’t really part of either title’s development.

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Mulluska? O.o

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Yep. It was a character designed by KI1 artist Kev Bayliss:

It was described as a kind of “gooey Blanka” type character, although what exactly it was, be it mystical beast, guardian, Gargos minion, Ultratech creation or cryptid, it’s not really clear, unfortunately.

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Ah okay! It looks… interesting. :smiley:

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