Delayed notifications?


I keep getting notices MUCH later than they should be popping up, then I’m finding forum posts that have replied to me but I still haven’t gotten the notifications for… Is it just me or are the forums lagging?


Same here. Plz fix.

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Yup, same here.

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Me too.

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Another one.

Yesterday I took notifications for the same thread for hours, much later after the last reply


I sent @rukizzel and @CStyles45 a message about this yesterday. Glad to know it wasnt just me.

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I got a few notifications several hours after I’d already seen the post…:confused:

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(Sigh) This problems is back… -_-

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Usually has to do with a quick server reset. Will send off to web again. Thanks for the heads up!


@RGLOfficial issue is being solved. It wasn’t just us.

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I just NOW got your notification from this reply.


Just now got your notice too.


Annnnnnnnnd you will get notice by my reply for few hours later! lol


Yeah it seems like they are delayed 8-9 hours.

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