Deflection frame data?

Hi guys,

All I know is that hard punch Conqueror has deflection from the first frame. Is there a resource (like a Google Spreadsheet) that has the deflection frame data for all of Tusk’s moves?

Posted this in an older thread. Here ya go:


What about Conqueror?

I don’t know the frames of MP, but HP Conqueror deflects on the first frame. Don’t how long the window is, probably 3 frames tops, but being first frame is all that really matters here. MP Conqueror sucks anyways, and I would only recommend using the HP version when you have Instinct and want to convert into a ground combo before takeoff.

For everything else LP Conqueror is better.

Heavy conqueror has 6 deflect frames. Starting on the 1st frame. Medium conqueror has 4 starting on frame 3.

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