Definitive to Anniversary upgrade

Just found out that anniversary ed was released! I was very excited to game in 4K and the update was free for Definitive owners. I purchased from the MS store May 26th 2017. I still have my receipt and order number. Went to play and only see 1440P 2560x1440 as an option. Read in the forums, uninstalled and went to reinstall, but MS store only providing a paid for version of anniversay ed. Found the Definitive Ed under MS Store / Library/ Games, install it and only get the what I believe is the free version of Killer Instinct, not the anniversary ed. Tried uninstalling again and resinstalling after I’ve installed Definitive Ed. Same issue, when selecting Killer Instinct from the store, and then clicking on Editions / Anniversary Ed, takes to me purchase the anniversary ed. Not sure what else to do here to make it work, any advice appreciated.