Definitive Edition

Hello everyone. I have tried the free versión of Killer Instinct and I´m thinking of buying the Definitive Edition for pc. Can anyone tell me which are the diferences between them?

The only difference between the paid version regular game and the Definitive Edition is the latter comes with an extra windows app that has a bunch of extra non-game content…Interviews, soundtrack, etc…that and I think it gives you early unlock for Gargos’s gold and silver skins. It’s been awhile since I got it myself, so forgive my poor memory. If not you can still get them by completing Shadow Lords mode.

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The Free version offers Jago as a permanent free character, and you can grind to unlock Orchid in Shadow Lords mode as well. You have access to all modes of play and achievements, just no characters.

Definitive Edition has all three seasons worth of characters unlocked (and if you are buying digital, possibly Kilgore, Eagle, and Shin Hisako), Gold Gargos, I think a free permanent double XP modifier for ranking up your characters to get some of the unlocks in the game, and if you’re buying it for Xbox One it will come with classic Killer Instinct 1 and 2 for free download. Should also have the alternate costumes and accessories unlocked for use as well like the gold and silver skins.

Best I can recollect off the top of my head. It’s probably the best deal on it.

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If I’m not mistaken, Shadow Jago is the ONLY separate purchase? Assuming Season 3.5 is already included.

I believe he is sold separate from the package at $10.

P.S. He isn’t a “pay-to-win” character like some newer players may suggest. It was part of a community pot that contributed towards the tournament scene. Not sure if it is still the same price or if it’s included in the definitive.