Definitive Edition?

So I wasn’t sure where to post this but I had a question about the definitive edition. I just got a digital copy of it and it was for Xbox, but I wanted to play it on PC. I redeemed the code and let it download all the stuff, but I still only have up to season 2 on PC. Is the Definitive Edition not cross-buy?

I believe it has to files…1 DE edition and 1 S3 combo breaker edition. Go back to your ready to DL and see if there is a S# combo breaker to install.

I have it loaded on my Xbox, it’s the PC version that is showing no signs of updating. Even says in the store that the definitive version is not compatible with PC but I have ki loaded and ready to go beforehand

The Definitive Edition won’t be on PC until later this holiday.

From the press release…

“We’re also pleased to announce that KI: DE will be available for Windows 10 later this holiday! Those who purchase the Xbox One version digitally will automatically receive the Windows 10 version for free as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.”

hello i am foreign to USA. which holiday ? when i click windows 10 store i cant see DE or something different edition Ki always show as Free To Play.