Definitive Edition not unlocking S2 retro outfits on X1

So I purchased the digital version this morning and everything installed. Oddly there are no Retro costumes for the Season 2 characters? They are there for S1 and S3, no S2.

When I look under what is installed there is no Ultra Edition for Season 2, there is for Season 3, along with Combo Editions for both seasons. Aren’t the Retro costumes part of the Ultras?

It’s not even an option in the Xbox Store. This is such a mess. I can’t be the only one experiencing this problem…

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That sure seems odd. Maybe you can ask everyone else to see what’s up on that. Sorry that didn’t bode well for you. But even so, welcome to Killer Instinct if you’re new to the series : >

That is very odd. Thanks for the note. Will be looking in to it, but the DE should provide all retro costumes.

Looks like I’m not alone in this.

My best guess is that there is no Season 2 Ultra Edition on the Xbox Store, so it’s not finding them. Last night I uninstalled everything and reinstalled and also did a hard reboot of the Xbox. Still have the same problem…

No retro outfits for S2 characters unlocked.

Anything back on this yet?

I haven’t heard anything - and it’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve been on this forum, Reddit, the developers twitter account, etc. and still nothing.

I’m about a few days away from contact MS directly and having them credit me back the money for not being able to deliver on this.

I’ll update if I hear anything…

Looks like it should be tomorrow that it unlocks. Just a small quirk in publishing that we just found.

That’s fantastic, thanks for the reply. KI is an amazing game, and I’m very looking forward to the season 2 retro outfits.

thanks for following up!

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Thank you very much!

Still no update or “hot fix” that seems to address this. Was hoping to go into weekend with this fixed.

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Im also having the same problem dude. heaps frustrating

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Still nothing.

Yeah - I get that things can happen and that there are a lot of “moving parts” where things can go wrong in game development…so I don’t knock them for it. But I am frustrated with their lack of response in getting out in front of this.

My guess is that there are a lot more people experiencing this and they just either haven’t noticed or bothered to go on forums. I tweeted and heard nothing. Only on this forum was their a response…but it’s still not taken care of.

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Same issue here. No Ultra Edition Season 2 on my “Definitive Edition”.

Hope they fix it soon. Kinda silly that it’s almost been a week with no fix yet.

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Agree, it’s amazing that they even did not acknowledge the issue. I send a few messages to @KillerInstinct on Twitter, and no answer was received. The game is great, but I regret buying it because of the absence of interest by the developers towards the users.

Multiple threads - and multiple places to respond. Apologies!

The Season 2 costumes were supposed to be unhidden over the weekend, but a change in publishing schedule moved that to yesterday. Per the email I got last night: “Propagation should complete sometime between 3 PM tomorrow [Tuesday], and 3 AM Wednesday.”

Those times are PDT, so I will check this out again in the am to see if we are good./

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Sounds good. Thanks for the follow-up! I think most of us understand if there is a bug/glitch that needs to be ironed out, can take time - it’s just the “not knowing” that can be frustrating.

Glad to hear it’s being resolved!

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So this issue should now be resolved. Those of you who were having trouble, I need you to do the following:

Search the Xbox Store for “Season 2 Ultra Edition” and install it from the corresponding store page. Verify that the Ultra Edition is installed by going to My Games & Apps and highlighting Killer Instinct. Press the menu button, select Manage Game, then check to see that the bit is actually installed and not listed under ready to install.

If it is installed, launch KI. If KI is already running, hard quit, then relaunch.

Let me know, thanks!

I just tried it and can confirm that this works.
Thanks for following up with this update!