Definitive Edition Digital Soundtrack?

Hey people in here… it’s been years since I’ve been here, so sorry if I’ve just missed it… but I havde tried searching the forum.

I’m wondering if the full digital soundtrack that comes with the Definitive Edition… will I be able to download it, or is it stuck to the Definitive Edition Hub that is there?

And is the whole “Full Soundtrack” actually still a thing…? Is the 3 Post Season 3 tracks also there?

Thanks beforehand

Edit: Can see the Complete Soundtrack on Steam is pretty much what I want… but… Seems I’m only allowed to use it if I have the game on Steam… have no interest in buying a second version on a different platform :frowning:

Why is it so hard to get the complete soundtrack? And why can’t we get it in FLAC format?

I’ve already bought Season 1 and 2 OSTs from Microsofts own Groove Music… and they’re now gone from there for some reason… season 3 also can’t be found there, and the 3 last Singles seem to have to be bought separately if not from the Steam version…
Why is this so complicated?

You’re better off buying all the post season songs and albums from either iTunes or Amazon. The Definitive Edition soundtrack is tied with the Definitive Edition app.

Dammit… that’s exactly what I didn’t want to hear…

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

No problem.